Bitcoin Gambling Deposits

***Updated: July 22nd 2021***

In 2021, everyone’s heard of Bitcoin but many still don’t fully understand how it works, avoiding this fantastic banking tool in favor of traditional methods. It’s a shame because whether sending $1 or $100,000, the process, waiting period, and solid security remains identical. However, given its unpredictable value over the years, it’s easy to see why some are on the sidelines and not ready to adopt it yet.

This computer-based currency has revolutionized iGaming by enabling players to fund accounts in less than an hour, facilitating huge amounts, and without leaving a paper trail. So here are the unrivaled U.S. gambling websites for BTC deposits, with explanations of the grading system detailed below, rankings regularly changing as new information becomes available.

Best 2023 USA Bitcoin Casinos
Big Spin Casino Large Logo 200% Match up to $1,000 Bitcoin Deposits Accepted
Wild Casino Large Logo $5,000 Welcome Package Bitcoin Deposits Accepted
Bet Online Large Logo 100% Match up to $1,000 Bitcoin Deposits Accepted

Brands on this directory are extensively reviewed by experts who stand behind each after passing strict criteria, while also maintaining an excellent reputation.

Best USA Bitcoin Casinos

The industry continually changes and so does the list of best USA online casinos accepting Bitcoin, an outcome of places doing things differently. Sure rankings fluctuate due to overall service and offers, nevertheless numerous additional elements are considered as well.

That said, the #1 factor making a brand “the greatest” for anything is trust, which is clearly built over years but can disappear overnight. These days, it’s effortless to identify reputable destinations as a handful have existed for more than 20 years and if they’ve never stolen from clients, they’re certainly not starting now.

Upon establishing safety, processing lengths are examined because inconsistent timelines are still found today. Some complete the entire activity in no longer than an hour, while others state it might be a couple of days. Not settling quickly is categorically unacceptable since one of the main strengths of cryptocurrency is the velocity at which it moves across the world.

The final important element to investigate is speed of withdrawals when collecting winnings, which shouldn’t exceed 48 hours, as industry leaders routinely get it done in 3 to 4. Two components affect total wait times, operators verifying payout requests and initiating transfers if approved.

Sadly, some still take over 3 days to confirm returns and these enterprises are obviously not recommended. If not listed here, they’re simply untrustworthy.

How to Deposit and Gamble at Bitcoin Casinos

For those seeking to play at Bitcoin casinos, it involves the same two items originally needed to buy it: knowledge and trust. Starting off, it’s difficult as it feels like “a leap of faith” and it’s perfectly normal for anyone over 40 years old to begin with skepticism. However, after realizing it’s uncomplicated, they won’t go back to depositing at VISA betting sites, MasterCard, or even worse, tremendously inconvenient services such as Western Union.

It takes a few minutes to initially set up everything due to the necessity of a currency exchange to execute transfers, although once opened it doesn’t entail maintenance. If not currently possessing a virtual wallet, check out this guide on how to gamble with crypto describing steps of exactly what has to be done.

When registered at an exchange, contact customer representatives and request a virtual location to dispatch the money to. They’ll then issue a unique string of characters to copy and paste into the wallet as a code, referred to as an address.

Presently, technology is utilized that automatically generates alphanumeric keys, so check their cashier first. For example, screenshots below show how to send BTC to MyBookie from start to finish (click to enlarge).

Addresses should habitually be copied, never retyped, since it’s a very long code and one small mistake results in it going to a different entity that’s impossible to trace, funds forever lost. This is precisely why alt coins are so attractive, championed by secretive individuals craving absolute anonymity.

Once pasted into Kraken or a competing wallet, select a sum in either currency, click Send then Confirm, and operators usually receive it in under five minutes. Success is subsequently verified and full balances are immediately ready to use.

The majority of players choose USD as it’s easier to keep track of totals, BTC’s enormous value causing a lot of numbers following a decimal, which can definitely be confusing. For instance, $200 could end up being something like 0.002376321, so it’s better to stick to Fiat.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Those demanding extremely fast financial transactions to exploit weak lines should always opt for Bitcoin sportsbooks, processing requiring mere minutes to conclude. This ensures favorable odds are seldom missed and action is placed as desired, getting down on sides prior to numbers changing due to handle.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks for 2023
Read Review NFL Bonus Bet with BTC
Xbet Large Logo 200% Match up to $500
MyBookie Large Logo 150% Match up to $750
Sports Betting Large Logo 100% Match up to $3,000

Most even extend bigger bonuses for BTC, premier companies being MyBookie, Xbet, and, their rewards actually doubling when compared to incentives for Western Union and credit cards. Consequently, using it to stake popular leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or UFC, leads to larger bankrolls and budgets stretched further, protecting against upsets or faulty unit management.


This modern monetary miracle became a household name in 2017 thanks to constant media attention and hitting $20,000 USD, making millionaires out of people believing in it from the beginning. Of course, the price came crashing down shortly thereafter, simply another wild chapter of its already incredible story. Then it surged again, ultimately reaching a record high of $64,863 in April 2021, before dropping back down to approximately $30,000 in July.

Regardless of latest worth, it must be viewed as an optimal mechanism to shift cash around since it’s untraceable, requires very little personal data, has low fees, and no maximums. It’s almost perfect in every way.

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