Deposit with Bitcoin USAWelcome to the wild and crazy world of cryptocurrencies – please ensure that you fasten your seatbelt before take off. By now everyone has heard of Bitcoin but there are still many people who don’t fully understand it and therefore don’t use this fantastic deposit option for casinos, sportsbooks, and pretty much anything else you could ever imagine buying online. However, given its fluctuating value in the last little while, it’s easy to see why some might be waiting on the sidelines.

Best USA Online Casinos for Bitcoin Deposits

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The word “Bitcoin” became a household name in 2017 thanks to the constant media attention and the fact that it’s value hit $20,000 USD, making many people who believed in it from the beginning millionaires in the process. The price of course came crashing down shortly after, but that will be remembered simply as another wild chapter of its already crazy story. Regardless of its current value, Bitcoin must be considered as one of the best ways to move money around because it’s untraceable, requires very little personal information, has low fees, and there are no maximum amounts. It’s pretty much perfect in every way.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Bitcoin

For those who want to deposit at an online casino with Bitcoin, it will take the same two things that you needed to buy it in the first place: knowledge and trust. The first transaction is definitely the hardest because it feels like you’re making a leap of faith. It’s perfectly normal for anyone over 40 years old to go into the transaction with skepticism, but once you see how easy it is you’ll never go back to depositing with outdated methods like VISA or MasterCard or even worse, Money Orders. The days of waiting more than 48 hours for financial transactions to be completed are totally in the past.

Once you know how to buy cryptocurrencies the next step to depositing at a casino is to contact their customer service department and tell them that you’d like to fund your account and you need an “address” to send the money to. They’ll then give you the unique string of numbers and letters that you will copy and paste into your Crypto Wallet for the transaction – this is what’s referred to as the “address”. Please note that you should always copy and paste the address and NEVER try to retype it yourself. It’s a very long code and if you make just one mistake you’ll be sending the money to someone else and the transaction can never be traced, (which is the allure of cryptocurrencies for most people), ensuring that the funds are gone forever.

Once you’ve pasted the address that they gave you into Kraken or whichever wallet you’re using, simply select the amount that you would like to transfer in either USD or BTC, click “Send” and then “Confirm”, and the casino will usually have the deposit in just a couple of minutes. They then verify the transaction on their end and put the funds into your account: you’re now ready to gamble on sports or anything else that they offer.

Most players in the United States choose to make transactions in USD so it’s easier to keep track of the exact amount that’s being sent. Also, if sending in BTC, due to it’s enormous value most people will be sending micro amounts so it will have a lot of numbers in it, which can definitely be confusing. So for example $200 USD could end up being something like BTC 0.002376321, or whatever. Therefore, you’ll probably find it’s better to stick to USD.

Best USA Online Casinos for Bitcoin

The list changes from time to time, but the best USA casinos that accept Bitcoin rarely leave their top positions due to their payouts departments working tirelessly to ensure smooth transactions. Of course, the rankings do fluctuate slightly with most operators now accepting Bitcoin, and as a result their overall reputation and games selection is something that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

The one place that has always been at the top of our list since we started tracking this is BetOnline since they have the best customer service, the fastest processing times, and the most events to bet on in their sportsbook. They even have a full poker room that accepts Americans from every state, with tons of tournaments and cash tables available any time day or night – it’s easy to see why they’re firmly in the #1 position.

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