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***Updated: August 23rd, 2021***

Millions of Americans enjoy the thrill of betting on sports and the industry is expected to grow in size annually as laws and regulations are relaxed. Whether it’s NFL, NBA, or exotic leagues from around the world, there’s nothing quite like picking a side, getting down, and winning real money if it hits. However, the main issue has inevitably been finding safe companies who take action and pay out if victorious.

The sportsbooks listed below are guaranteed to hold an A+ Rating resulting from stellar reputations, fast payouts, plus other important categories that are constantly reviewed and verified by this respected iPublication. Rankings can change at any time and often do so, reflecting current bonuses and financial capabilities, everything clearly explained on each brand’s review page.

Best 2023 USA Sportsbooks
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Only a few short years ago, people were forced to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but during the 1990s the internet made this activity much easier and consequently more popular. It became a multi-billion dollar a year business in the U.S. alone, with doors now open 24/7.

This speedily birthed a “modern Wild West” with rogue groups stealing funds or simply refusing to pay customers. Over time, these scam places were identified, blacklisted, and eventually shut down, never to be heard from again. The good news is once the dust had settled, those left were trustworthy and proven reputable, a mere handful still wholeheartedly endorsed today.

Best USA Offshore Sportsbooks

Caution is necessary when registering at offshore gambling websites as they’re often exempt from official complaint systems if problems arise. This is why it’s imperative to strictly visit recommended brands regulated by governments like Curacao, Panama, or Kahnawake, because these jurisdictions possess enforceable iGaming laws. Then if an unresolvable issue emerges, a clear procedure to seek retribution exists.

Some argue the “best” destinations are ones posting the most sportsbook promotions and bonuses throughout the year, but additional factors need to be considered. Namely, customer service agents accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are certainly nice, as well as an option to contact them via live chat or telephone, not just by email.

As always, a critical aspect to evaluate is ease of moving balances in and out of accounts, how long the exercise takes to complete, and aggregate fees incurred. For the last 20 years, credit cards were heavily relied upon and the steep charges were paid by operators. However, cryptocurrencies facilitate uncomplicated Bitcoin gambling deposits or equivalent, the entire process fast, effortless, and cheap. This has become the premier way to move funds and all approved partners accept at least four options, normally Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash presented alongside BTC.

Sports Betting Sites

All sports betting sites list Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and World Series, but elite shops go an extra mile to offer niche, hard to find sports. When it comes to cricket, darts, snooker, Rugby Union, or handball, alternatives differ greatly.

Tons of distinct wagers identical to anything found in brick and mortar establishments in Las Vegas are available such as spreads, moneylines, totals (Over/Under), and a seemingly never-ending selection of props covering politics, global happenings, and entertainment.

Since parlays are the most lucrative for operators, clients are permitted to link numerous picks together on one slip, usually up to a maximum of 12 events. Teasers are also in demand, allowing the teasing of posted lines as desired, lower payoffs given for the privilege.

The ability to buy points in football and basketball is customarily extended, increased risk amounts receiving improved odds. This can be a slippery slope of chasing larger paydays, so it’s requisite to stay focused on bankroll management and unit size.

An essential item to remember is numbers continuously change depending on the proportionate action a particular side has, a bookmaker’s ultimate goal being a perfect balance, if possible. They aren’t battling against the public, simply trying to get equal sums laid on both outcomes, earning profits on the vig or juice for facilitating the activity. This of course means the House should realize gains regardless of final scores, although some have been candid in the past about letting lopsided action pile up with large amounts lost or won as a repercussion.

Live In Game Betting

The internet not only made all of the above achievable, it also enabled in-game staking possibilities with lines temporarily posted on a live event’s next play, those partaking having a few seconds to lock in answers before they go off the board. A sampling of results in professional football are Rush, Pass, Sack, Touchdown, Field Goal, Fumble, Fumble Recovered by Defense, etc. This obviously makes Monday Night Football a little more exciting if it’s a blowout by halftime.

Quick decisions are required since oftentimes only a brief pause occurs, depending on the sport in question. In fact, some iGaming specialists are prognosticating a resurgence of MLB stemming from legal USA sports betting, as time between pitches is long enough to allow a high volume of activity from viewers.

Such a wide variety isn’t found for leagues like NHL or MLS due to its fast pace and lack of “gradable” results. Therefore, standard choices for both hockey and soccer are Next Team to Score, Next Player to Receive a Penalty, etc.

Wager on eSports

For years, the rise of eSports was ignored and shrugged off as “nerds watching nerds play video games”, but they couldn’t have been more wrong as it’s now a tremendously successful industry. Tournaments involving DOTA, Leagues of Legends, and Counter Strike exploded in popularity and experts predict the handle on these will be larger than Super Bowl by 2025.

Hence, eSports contest odds are widely available, every notable participant, team, and league consistently listed. Whether it’s Dell Gaming Liga, Pro #1, United Masters League, or Chongqing Major, patrons may stake maps or specific outcomes, with new types of options introduced regularly.

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