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***Updated: March 19, 2020***

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, there are too many crazy laws that don’t make sense, especially ones regarding online gambling and what’s permitted. The murky situation is due to two different groups: religious groups who view the activity as “immoral” and politicians who receive large donations from brick and mortar casino owners in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. The good news is the federal government doesn’t actually own the internet.

Since legislators don’t have authority to shut down betting websites, they went after the next best thing: banks and merchants who process transactions. That’s why it can be so hard to deposit money into an online casino – funds get passed through a few different hands before it finally ends up in your account.

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So what does all of that mean to Americans looking to place wagers on the internet? Well luckily it is 100% legal, it’s just technically illegal for banks to process deposits to offshore operators. Therefore, people are absolutely allowed to play anywhere they want, as long as they’re able to replenish balances. It’s strictly banks and financial institutions who move funds that are at risk, not individual players.

This was all confirmed by the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 decreeing online gambling cannot be restricted by the federal government and now numerous established companies are entering the market, scrambling for a piece of the lucrative pie. Longstanding European companies like 888 and William Hill have crossed the Atlantic to join up with physical gaming establishments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City looking for partners to help them launch their products into the digital world.

Confusing regulations and jurisdictional squabbles are only a small part of why this website was launched, as the goal is to cut through the noise and report only information that actually matters. In addition, everything you need to know about who is currently accepting U.S. customers, the quality of their software, how big game selection is, and of course, where to find exclusive bonus offers and promotions to get the most out of bankrolls.

Please remember this publication was made by Americans for Americans, so if you have any feedback whatsoever, please contact us by sending a message. We’ll be happy to help out however possible.

Best USA Online Casinos

There are literally hundreds of online casinos currently accepting players from the United States, however, there’s a large gap between “best” and “worst”. Operators fall into a broad spectrum of “they will provide fair games of chance with true odds and pay if you win” to “their software is rigged and they will never release the money you’re owed”. Luckily, we have already paid the ultimate price for playing at shady operations over the years and therefore only recommend elite members of the industry.

All listings contain the absolute premier USA betting sites out there today, with each being reevaluated every month and positions changing accordingly. They are presented in order from #1 down, however, all are 100% safe and come fully trustworthy so play at any of them with confidence.

USA Casinos Vegas StripWhen rankings are formulated many factors are taken into consideration such as payout wait times, quality of customer service, number of deposit options, game selection, and overall reputation. No stone is left unturned and we are fully committed to independent reviews based on actual experiences in order to firmly stand behind all findings and conclusions. Once everything is considered and scores are tabulated, it’s easy to see who rises to the top and we’re then proud to promote them on Best USA Online Casinos and applaud them for their efforts – it’s simply the American Way.

Sadly, there isn’t a long list of trustworthy destinations these days and that’s why this site is such a valuable resource. If you don’t see them reviewed on here, stay away because there’s no guarantee they’ll ever pay what’s owed. However, if they are listed here it’s because they’ve passed rigorous scrutiny and earned accreditation.

Stick to our listings of recommended partners and you’ll always be playing with the best in the business.

Gamble Online from a Blocked American State

Even though SCOTUS struck down federal restrictions on online gambling in 2018, there are still a few states who are trying to block their residents from engaging in the activity. Although the government’s motives for this are suspect at best, they’ve still been somewhat successful in scaring away reputable companies who want to offer services to Americans from coast to coast regardless of jurisdiction.

Thankfully, a handful of trusted betting sites continue to accept players from every state in the Union, most of whom have much better products and customer service than land-based operations stumbling into the virtual world with zero experience in the industry. It should also be noted that offshore entities offer a more robust set of gambling options and odds since they’re complying with international laws and not legislation dictated by one specific country.

Online Casino Guides

From time to time there are excellent informational resources published here detailing important industry subjects that are rarely discussed elsewhere. They cover a wide range of topics, but the one thing all our online casino guides have in common is they will document exactly what you need to know, with clear outlines that are easily followed and understood.

It can sometimes be hard to find explanations when searching for answers so we packaged everything up and put it all in one place for our readers to reference whenever they have questions. Not to mention, the News Section constantly gives out hot tips on where secret deals can be found, fattening bankrolls and extending budgets as a result. In short, this is your one-stop shop for gambling needs, knowledge, and entertainment.

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