Is Bovada Legal in the United States?

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Ever since we published our exclusive report on the legality of MyBookie a little while ago we’ve been getting questions about a few other places that accept U.S. players. Specifically, one of the oldest gambling websites in America that was formerly known as “Bodog” and founded by internet pioneer Calvin Ayre. People refer to their new name of “Bovada” in many different ways such as “Bravada”, “Bovado”, “Brovado”, and our personal favorite, “Bravado”, but it makes sense that there’s going to be some confusion when you give your website a name that’s never been heard before.

No matter how you say it, you can bet with them online for real money from within the United States and expect to get paid if you win because they are absolutely legal, as we explain in detail below. They’ve been in business since 1994 and have famously never missed a payout, so it’s hard to see why anything would change now that the regulations are relaxing in this industry and not tightening.

When you’re evaluating a gambling website it takes a long time to dig around and turn over stones, so some readers may want to read our trusted review of the Bovada Sportsbook & Casino that lists every detail you could ever want to know about them first. They of course passed our tests with flying colors or they wouldn’t be promoted on this website, but there are some finer points about their bonuses and rules that serious bettors will want to hear.

Is Bovada Legal in New York?

No one in the Empire State should be confused about this because we already reported a few months ago that you can gamble online at Bovada from New York, (as well as almost every other city and state in America), and it’s all perfectly legal. This is due to many factors, but the Supreme Court striking down the unconstitutional federal gambling laws certainly had a lot to do with it. Once the decision-making power was rightfully handed back to the states, each jurisdiction was now free to do as they please.

Bet 2018 NBA at BovadaThis decision was seen as unnecessary by many industry experts since online gambling has always been legal in the USA thanks to the two decisions made by the WTO international courts. They decided in favor of Antigua long ago and said that under the rules of fair trade, the U.S. government had to allow outside counties the opportunity to provide betting services to Americans. Equal access is the founding principle that the WTO was founded on so any deviation from that principle was never going to be accepted by the other member countries.

In any event, since the announcement that they were back in the Big Apple we’ve heard from many people across the state who are ecstatic that they can now play online poker for real money against other players. It’s no secret that New York City never sleeps so it’s a darn good thing that there’s a Bovada mobile poker app that you can download right onto your smart phone that allows you to play from anywhere and never miss a tournament. Obviously the app allows you to make sports bets and play casino games as well, regardless of whether you’re on an iPhone or Android device.

Where is Bovada Located?

Well first of all, not to split hairs, the company of Bovada is not technically based out of any country because it is only a website and not a “real” company. However, the organization that owns and runs it is based in the sovereign Mohawk nation of Kahnawake which is just outside Montréal, Canada. Their offices are here for two reasons: 1) Mohawk territories don’t have to comply with Canadian federal law, and 2) Their gambling license was issued from here.

Most analysts agree that the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would never deviate from his mandate of identity politics and Native reconciliation, so it’s highly unlikely that Canada would ever pressure Kahnawake in any way to change how they conduct business on their land. Therefore, it looks like Bovada will be happily taking bets from Americans for many years to come.

Who Runs Bovada?

The Bovada website is run by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG) and its small group of executives. This has been the case since 2010 when Alwyn Morris first licensed the rights to the Bodog brand from original founder Calvin Ayre. Although they have offices all around the world and in many jurisdictions, their two main centers of operation are Montréal and London.

Their license was issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) almost a decade ago and it is this official body that Bovada must answer to in the event of any disputes. The KGC is also responsible for auditing their games regularly to ensure that their Random Number Generators (RNGs) are calibrated correctly and pay out what they are supposed to.

Is Bovada Safe?

You can rest assured that Bovada is 100% safe and that you can trust them with your money since they use the exact same encryption software that online bank websites have to protect their customers from fraud. So when you deposit money into their cashier, you’re basically depositing it into a bank.

Also, they always payout when you win and don’t withhold funds or make up excuses not to pay you. However, if you don’t use Bitcoin to fund your gambling account it will take a long time to receive your money because they’ll have to send it via check by mail. That said, if you stick to cryptocurrency you’ll always be paid quickly.

So yes, Bovada is 100% legit and safe to play at – millions of players simply can’t be wrong. Head on over and check them out today if you want to see why they’re one of our top recommended partners…they’re absolutely one of the best out there today.

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