U.S. Casino Promotions

USA Online Casino Promotions

***Updated: May 24th, 2020***

In some ways, iGaming companies have the toughest job in the world. Not only are they in the business of sending most customers home poorer than when they arrived, they also need to make sure fun is had in the process. Promotions can be the difference between happy clients and angry ones, so make sure to check out this full list of current USA online casino bonus codes for 2021 to stay up to date on what’s going on. Every destination has a prominent lobby section for visitors to learn more, but enticements differ greatly so serious research is routinely required.

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Not everyone cares about getting extras because they play identically without fail each visit, which of course is absolutely fine for them. However, most like to keep things fresh with slots tournaments, chip races, or play specific games in hopes of winning additional cash and prizes. So for those searching for constant excitement and rewards, this gambling guide is for you.

U.S. Online Casino Promotions

As a rule, welcome bonuses at American betting websites are always found, followed by some type of incentive to come back, however, what sets them apart is the number of actual promotions. Fun stuff like head-to-head contests, blackjack tournaments, and dream vacation giveaways.

Shockingly, many places don’t bother with these and stick to simple financial rewards to maintain clientele engagement, which is why this research was done for our readers, identifying the best offers available today in 2020. Listings below are updated regularly to reflect how active marketing departments have been and what’s presently available at each.

U.S. Casino Promotion News

Numerous experts argue that big bonuses are vital since they facilitate longer sessions and larger bets. These offers are typically a percentage of amount deposited so substantial transfers trigger enormous rewards. Albeit true, ensure to read terms and conditions first to ensure there are no surprises later on.

Thankfully, nowadays the majority of places have some form of tournament schedule giving extra prizes finishing atop leaderboards, so a little bit of competitive action can routinely be found. Although, there are marketing departments launching steady streams of attractions compared to competitors, targeted at every type of player whether preferring slots, tables, bingo, sports betting, and more.

Free Chips and Complementary Play

The lifeblood of any operator’s revenue stream are “one-armed bandits”, so what better way to have members try new releases than with free spins? As there isn’t an abundance of top-ranked and trusted U.S. internet casinos, the quality of offers varies greatly.

Tropicana Casino Stage ProductionBe very careful when something seems too good to be true because more often than not, that’s precisely what it is – a rogue operation trying to suck patrons in using a “fairy tale” scenario. A general rule to follow is: if they don’t come recommended by leading industry watchdog websites like this one, don’t even think about registering.

The equivalent of gratis spins at Las Vegas style tables is a free chip, but they’re usually reserved for those spending time on pursuits such as blackjack due to huge differences in odds. The vast majority of places obviously aren’t eager to lure slots players away from machines given House probabilities are much more favorable than tables.

Money Back on Losses

This is a popular offer that’s exactly how it sounds: a portion of lost stakes refunded to ease the pain of the sad situation. It won’t be a massive payback since there’s usually a maximum of approximately $20 to $30, depending on total handle and VIP level, if applicable. However, it’s undeniably preferable to get something back rather than just a door slamming and a wave goodbye.

Most U.S. online racebooks will give patrons weekly rebates based on losses, or sometimes it’s an uncomplicated percentage of total wagers, win or loss. These can start at as low as 2% and go up to 8% at generous books who appreciate their clientele.

Free Spins for New Slot Games

Usually upon launching, new slot games feature free spin promotions allowing test drives without risk, so keep an eye out since these are optimal opportunities to determine quality. Of course, the House is most excited to introduce machines friendlier to them due to Return to Player percentages (RTP), although that’s not invariably the case.

Often, they’re simply proud of the new release and want as many people as possible to try them as the better they are, the more fun they’ll have, enhancing overall experience. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to always “opt-in” for newsletters to ensure every free spin offer is taken advantage of.

Special Days

Promotions are occasionally used to stimulate action during traditionally slow times such as Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Savvy players know bankrolls are boosted when visiting on special days due to “time bonuses” received. Nearly all places now have incentives on certain weekdays, but of course ultimate value differs greatly depending on details.

In addition, unique giveaways or prizes on specific holidays may be offered to keep things interesting, especially on Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Some end up boring and unimaginative so don’t hesitate to shop around before signing up new accounts.

The Terms and Conditions

It’s critical to click “Read More” buttons on promos to ensure all terms and conditions are understood. Normally straightforward, occasionally operators dangle a gargantuan percentage with a high bonus rollover that is almost impossible to clear, preventing winnings from ever being withdrawn.

That said, most establishments aren’t looking to throw a bunch of hurdles between players and free money since it would defeat the purpose of creating fun promos in the first place. Of course, it’s smart to confirm as nobody enjoys devastating revelations after already registering for an event.

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