Monthly BTC Deposit Leaderboard Challenge for U.S. Players at BTC Deposit Leaderboard Challenge

In 2019 it’s no secret that the best banking option for Americans is cryptocurrency since it’s fast, private, and has much lower fees than the alternatives. This iPublication has long been banging the “crypto drum” to educate readers on why it’s better to gamble with Litecoin instead of breaking out a VISA, but some still refuse to listen. If only they knew what they were missing.

Obviously, operators are going to push customers to use practical financial tools since it makes everyone’s life much easier. Credit cards are a huge hassle for both parties, very expensive to facilitate, and leave a clear paper trail for anyone to see. Plastic just doesn’t make sense in a digital age. Crypto Welcome Bonus BannerIt’s no surprise then there are numerous USA online casino bonuses for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and DASH, as well as others when funding accounts, and now a crazy promotion at a top-rated partner really cranks up the rewards. The generous marketing department over at has decided to give out $15,000 to members every month, just for using crypto as a banking method.

It’s called the $15,000 BTC Deposit Leaderboard Monthly Challenge and it’s a traditional points race to make the top of the list to snag a chunk of loot. The name is actually a little confusing because any coin desired may be used to gain entry into the contest, not just Bitcoin.

The Top 8 finishers will divvy up the bounty, with 1st place getting $5,000, $3,000 for 2nd, $2,000 for 3rd, and 4th through 8th enjoying $1,000 each. These types of lucrative promos happen a lot there as we mentioned in our detailed review but they really seem to be focusing on eCommerce a lot lately.

Details of the offer are straightforward and any game contributes to point totals, so feel free to play anything during the month. Terms to be aware of are a 4x rollover on  prize money and it can only be used on live dealer tables. Those not seeing these before should check them out because it’s identical to sitting down at a real table in Las Vegas, even chat with others if interested.

So if ready to make the transition to the digital age, go sign up at and send cryptocurrency to take a shot at some extra moolah this month. At the very least you’ll finally know what all the fuss is about – it’s definitely the future of finance.

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