XBet 2022 XBracket Contest Offers Great Value

Xbet 2022 XBracket Contest Offers Great Value to Players

An old saying claims bigger isn’t always better and when it comes to this cool offshore sportsbook promotion, that’s absolutely correct. This is because most are hosting contests featuring large prizes, however, this exciting website is still relatively unknown, resulting in much less competition for their events pitting players against one another.

The “X-citing” destination in question is independently reviewed and A+ rated xbet.ag, who decided to release a small March Madness campaign via their $10,000 XBracket Contest which is currently open for registration. Fees are negligible at $10 each and players may buy a maximum of 50 if so inclined, clicking PURCHASE every time a form is completed.

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It features a classic point system awarding 1 in the first round and then doubling after each bracket stage, culminating at 32 for the Championship Game victors, ensuring that it will be a close race until it ultimately finishes. A total score for the Division 1 final must also be entered as it’s used to break any ties in the standings, with split pots enforced for subsequent deadlocks.

As the total guaranteed prize pool is a modest $10k, payouts are obviously smaller than normal but still certainly worth trying to win since funds will arrive without rollover attached, meaning gains can be immediately withdrawn from accounts. The breakdown is fair as first place goes home with $1,000, 2nd gets $800, 3rd takes $700, with levels decreasing in size ending at $25 for positions 76 to 100, confirming loads of participants receive a little something for their efforts.

Registration closes right before the first NCAA basketball tournament matchup begins tomorrow at 12:15 ET between Michigan and Colorado State so head over to Xbet soon to get started. It only takes a few minutes to go through the process of signing up a new account, depositing using credit cards or cryptocurrency, claiming a bonus, and then filling out a bracket.

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