Online Racebook Rebates

Online Racebook Rebates

***Updated: November 26th, 2020***

One of the most important factors to look at when choosing an online racebook is rewards because it’s a good measuring stick of how much they appreciate customers. Cashback on horse track wagers is commonplace, however, programs differ greatly and details can sometimes be hard to find in their respective information sections.

If needing clarification on racebook rebates, it’s the amount of money returned after staking races at an offtrack betting website. Many issue them to players daily, while others do it weekly or even monthly, with percentages varying, terms and conditions usually unique as well.

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Everyone has distinct policies for returns for straights and exotics, broken down by specific grades of tracks. This guide to USA online racebooks details everything needed to be known about programs available today at top-rated destinations and outlines their strengths and weaknesses.

Exhaustive research was conducted to compile the list below, ensuring only lucrative and fair incentives were incorporated. Each section clearly outlines important details and any fine print critical to know beforehand.

Best U.S. Online Racebook Rebates

MyBookie Logo SmallAn 8% rebate for bets made on qualified tracks confirms MyBookie Racebook is top rated, not to mention, it comes without attached play-through requirements. Like numerous others, Wins, Places or Shows paying out $2.20 or less doesn’t count towards totals for rewards calculation as it leads to fraudulent activity.

Straights on A, B, and C tracks receive 3% while exotics can yield a little more depending on location. Exotics made on As return 8%, on Bs 5%, and on Cs the standard 3% is given, same as on straights, paid every morning and immediately available for use.

BetOnline Small LogoAnother company issuing daily is trusted BetOnline Racebook, with terms and conditions quite similar to those above and nothing granted on odds of $2.20 or less for $2. Additionally, nothing from D or E grade tracks are included in calculations, yet they issue a straight 7% on all stakes whether straight or exotic, with one small exception. Anything made at NYRA tracks collect a mere 4% regardless of type, but considering their high volume, it’s totally understandable.

Also, players only pocket 4% on action placed via phone, so if maximizing financial returns is a priority, make sure all are submitted electronically. Thankfully, their product is fully mobile compatible so it’s possible to bet using a smartphone from anywhere in the country.

It’s normal for casinos to enforce restrictions on telephone wagering and could be much worse. Just look below at GTbets since they won’t count anything booked over the phone, so be happy with 4%.

Bovada Casino Logo SmallOne of the best rebate programs for U.S. players was once offered at established Bovada Racebook but they changed the entire website and merged it into their overall rewards system. For years, customers enjoyed a simple 3% on straights and 5% on exotics, assigned to accounts on Tuesdays. It was easy to comprehend and there wasn’t any hidden fine print preying on those not reading their Help Section.

These days, benefits are a lot more complicated due to the intricate Bovada VIP Program featuring 6 different tiers, each having 3 exclusive levels. All gambling efforts are now grouped together and computed to determine exactly how much has been earned. Categories are broken down by casino, poker, and sports, with racebook handle being lumped into the last one.

Starting off, a flat 2.5% is given on losses and slowly increases based on volume of activity as the ladder is climbed, an extra .25% notched for every level achieved. The maximum is 7.5% but it can take hundreds of thousands of dollars in wagers to attain, so members should either be very patient or high rollers.

Cashback is accompanied by a 1x rollover, which isn’t terrible, albeit obviously not as good as obligation-free. Nevertheless, after being in business for over 20 years their reputation alone makes them an excellent choice, so if ok with a crazy system, they’re definitely worth a look.

GT Bets Small LogoA whopping 15% on monthly losses is extended at independently reviewed GTbets Racebook, issued on the 1st, but ultimately losing points for weak selection of banking methods. They calculate amount lost after bonus funds are removed, which is absolutely reasonable as they can’t be expected to bestow extra perks in addition on what’s already been given.

A bit of fine print to know going in is certain factors can render someone ineligible. For instance, if a player has won over the last 30 days, or accumulatively since joining, they won’t be entitled to receive anything. A program solely comping losses isn’t industry standard, although it does seem logical in this particular case because the rebate size is so large.

The good news is if eligible for compensation, it’s issued on every track offered without restrictions nor rollover conditions on credits. However, similar to competitors, action booked over telephone isn’t figured into calculations so always use computers, phones, or tablets.

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