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Hulk Hogan USA FlagThank you for visiting our website, Best USA Online Casinos – we are your #1 resource for where to bet online if you live in the United States. We also publish full Gambling Guides to all of the latest casino bonus offers and fun games. We are also vigilant in reporting all of the most important casino news from across the internet.

You’ll also want to check out our sections on current deposit options that will allow you to get real money into U.S. betting websites. Methods are always changing so it’s nice to have a reliable resource at the tip of your fingers that is constantly being updated.

This website was started by a group of friends who also happened to be avid gamblers – first in brick and mortar casinos and then on the internet as they came online in the 1990s. What a crazy time this was – never knowing if the software was legit, or even if you were going to get your money if you won.

After many crushing disappointments and online casinos running away with our money, we decided to start this website to help other players like us who had questions on where to play and which websites were safe. We are here to help.

So sit back and relax and let us do all the heavy lifting. Every one of our reviews is 100% honest and independent, and we always give you all of the facts and let you make the ultimate decision.

Meet your amazing writing team:

Rick Jensen used to be a grizzled, jaded gambler and is now just happy that he finally quit smoking cigarettes and can bet on a cell phone. Since he’s definitely old enough to remember the days before smart phones, he sees this as one of the most important inventions ever released.

  • On the website Rick focuses on Gambling Guides and casino reviews.

Stephanie Inglewood is a seasoned player from the west coast who now spends most of her time in Las Vegas. She is predominantly a slots and table games player who sometimes plays bingo.

  • On the website Stephanie focuses on USA casino news and the occasional casino review.

Jimmy Valentine is one of the most die-hard sports bettors out there today, who can never seem to stick to a unit size. For this reason he has to make a living writing for this website in between massive wagers on NFL underdogs and betting on foreign horse races.

  • On the website Jimmy writes all of the sports betting and horse racing news articles.

Please feel free to contact us at BestUSAOnlineCasinos.net if you would like to ask a question to a specific person, complain, or just to say hello. We’re a (usually) happy group that likes staying in touch with the online gambling community.

Thanks for checking out our website!

-The BestUSAOnlineCasinos.net Team


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