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Imagine a tourist going to Las Vegas for the first time and walking down The Strip trying to figure out where to go. Countless ingredients go into their decision, whether it’s brand recognition, color scheme, or game selection. In short, there are lots of factors that determine where someone ultimately chooses to play.

There’s also similar hard choices at online casinos because the lion’s share of them list identical tables, are members of the same jackpot network, and mostly post indistinguishable sportsbook odds. Land-based operators can attract people with free hotel rooms, never-ending buffets, and complimentary limousine rides but on the internet it’s impossible to extend such temptations. Therefore, one of the only tools to lure new players through their virtual doors is bonuses, which are cash incentives for signing up and making a real money deposit.

Best USA Online Casino Bonuses for 2021
Read Review Welcome Offer Visit Site
Big Spin Casino Large Logo 200% Match up to $1,000
MyBookie Large Logo 250% Match up to $1,000
Xbet Large Logo 100% Match up to $300
Wild Casino Large Logo $5,000 Welcome Package
Cafe Casino Large Logo 500% Welcome Package
Sports Betting Large Logo 100% Match up to $1,000
Bet Online Large Logo 50% Match Up to $1,000

Best U.S. Online Casino Bonuses

Now that we’ve established every operator has numerous offers to sort through, let’s examine what factors contribute to the best U.S. online casino bonuses and what should be looked at when shopping around. Surprisingly, it’s actually not easy to figure out because usually the terms and conditions are buried deep inside the website.

The first thing anyone notices is the size, specifically since the percentage of what’s up for grabs is always in such large print. However, don’t be fooled by big numbers and make sure to read the following sections to see how they’re manipulated by the House. For detailed information on all of the incentives being offered these days, read the expert guides listed below and learn the important facts before diving in.

The most common way to make people think they’re getting more than they actually are is to include a maximum amount, which ensures that the business doesn’t expose themselves to too much risk. Every dollar given away increases their exposure to loss, and this makes CFOs extremely nervous. Therefore, the advertisement often states “500%” in large font and “up to $100” in a tiny one. This technically isn’t “underhanded” but it is slightly misleading.

The average max is around $500 to $1,000, but the range of denominations is vast, starting at around $100 and then going as high as $5,000 at some places. However, higher maximums are usually guarded by another little condition the House places on them: time limits. Having a deadline for when the entire amount must be spent is getting a lot more popular in recent years, and some operators devised restrictions that are measured in days, not months. Again, the range is wide, with one of the longest deadlines available being 3 months after the first deposit, and the shortest being 48 hours after.

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly every gambling website in the world gives a Welcome Bonus to entice people to try their suite of products and experience their unique selling points. These types of incentives are typically the most confusing because as mentioned above, they can come in many forms and will always have different percentages, requirements, and terms. Therefore, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting into in the beginning.

The numbers are usually very appealing, especially since the percentage being offered is invariably in such large print. It will be based on the amount of your initial financial transaction to ensure that everyone is rewarded fairly, with the average approximately being a 200% match. That said, some go up to 500% while others go down to 25%, depending on the products in question.

MyBookie Welcome BonusUltimately, the category of games greatly influences the percentage as each one has unique odds and generates different levels of revenue for the House. This is why a slots bonus is always going to award the most free money: the return is high and the operator makes a lot more off of these machines. Therefore, they’re tremendously happy to give large matches to this type of clientele as the lion’s share of funds will be returned to them over time.

When seated at attractions like blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, or Let It Ride, the odds are much better for the player when compared to slots, so the offers for table games is consistently lower. In addition, those who are well-versed on a specific one will know all of the rules and probably have an optimal strategy to employ, obviously meaning they’ll lose less than if spinning away blissfully on a one-armed bandit. When outcomes are totally random there is zero advantage for anyone.

Extending the logic above, it’s easy to see why any extras related to a sportsbook are small since those who are knowledgable about sports and how to bet can win a lot on their own. Lines managers certainly don’t want to hand out bigger bankrolls to help take them down, so these incentives are normally kept to a minimum.

Reload Bonuses

Once a company has registered a player in their database they don’t want them to wander off somewhere else so they’ll tempt them back with a Reload Bonus after an initial visit. It’s important to keep people satisfied because it’s well known in business that it costs a lot more to find a new customer than it does to keep a current one.

Just like those of the welcome variety, a reload is usually based on the type of games listed and the money can only be used for those. Terms and conditions of the details vary greatly across brands.

Rollover Requirements

To prevent people from signing up, depositing, then immediately withdrawing and pocketing the bonus, establishments always institute wagering requirements before the free money is released. This stipulation is referred to as a rollover in the iGaming industry and the specifics change from place to place.

Sahara Casino Marquee VegasSince there is so little to differentiate countless betting websites among “window shoppers”, increasingly irresistible offers were extended to new customers to stand apart from the frenzied competition and attract eyeballs. In the early days of Internet gambling it did not take long for sharp players to realize there was a profit to be made by opening an account, grinding out many hands on something with a low House edge (like blackjack) to clear the funds, collecting the extra cash, and then simply moving on to the next place to do it all over again, which is a practice known in the industry as bonus hunting.

Management quickly adjusted the offers to combat these “bandits” and linked them to whichever high revenue-generating games were at their disposal (like slots), raising the requirements to clear the money drastically, sometimes to 40 times the deposit amount or more. The same restrictions are now applied to 99.99% of promotions, as well as the complimentary funds received through most loyalty programs.

How to Get the Best Online Casino Bonuses

There’s a simple way to always get the best online casino bonuses and that’s to have multiple accounts registered and ready to go. The reason being that many operators host flash promotions or crazy contests that are only good for one day and sometimes it can take a while to get started someplace new if there’s an issue. Obviously, if you’re “not in good standing” at the time you can’t cash in on the promo.

Occasionally fraud teams will want to ask a few questions to confirm there hasn’t been identity theft, or perhaps the individual is using public Wi-Fi and gets flagged for a duplicate account because someone else already came in through the same IP address. There are tons of other little things that can cause delays, all of which are quite annoying to encounter when trying to enter a fun contest.

It costs nothing to create a profile at all of the above places so it totally makes sense to just get it over with now. Take a few minutes and sign up at all of them and give yourself the freedom to play wherever you choose, without hassle (and whenever you’re ready). Make sure to use an email address that you check semi-regularly to know when they’re sending lucrative enticements your way.

Failing that, check back to this website often to see what our various partners are promoting: it’s a surefire way to stay in the loop. Just read our section detailing the latest U.S. online casino bonus news so you’ll always enjoy the premier offers available.

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