Is BetOnline Legal in the USA?

Is BetOnline Legal in the USA

Well since we published a full explanation of how MyBookie is legal in the United States, it’s time to turn our attention to the other main online sportsbook in the country. We’re of course referring to BetOnline who have really stepped up their marketing efforts lately to battle against the aforementioned MyBookie – they’re both desperately fighting to prove that they’re the best in the industry and deserve your business.

So first thing’s first, yes – the BetOnline Casino is totally legal in the U.S. and you can absolutely bet with them in confidence. They are fully licensed and regulated by government agencies, and are routinely audited by 3rd party companies to ensure gaming fairness and that everything is totally on the up and up. Therefore, it’s totally safe to open an account with them, deposit funds, and then gamble for real money – these are simple personal freedoms that are guaranteed by the United States constitution.

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The confusion began a few years ago in 2006 when some over-zealous senators tabled the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA), which ended up getting passed by a majority of politicians. The legislation made it illegal for financial institutions like VISA to process payments between American players and online gambling websites. Now read that last sentence again: it was passed on financial institutions only and had nothing to do with betting on sports or playing casino games on the internet, which is why nobody has ever been arrested for it.

It’s very important to remember that the United States lost a challenge by Antigua during the WTO dispute, with the international court ruling that the U.S. had to allow its citizens access to online gambling websites that were based in other countries. This ended up all being moot anyway since the Supreme Court ruled last year that sports betting is 100% legal in America and the federal government had no jurisdiction over the activity in the first place.

Is BetOnline Legit?

Even though they are absolutely within their legal rights to conduct business in the USA, there’s still a matter of whether or not BetOnline is legit and will pay you out if you win. Thankfully, these guys have proven themselves to be 100% trustworthy and they’ve never missed a payout in their over 15 years of accepting wagers online.

Plus just think about it – would they spend all of that money on marketing campaigns to get people to their website if they were planning on ripping you off? Highly doubtful – they make more than enough money on the vig (or juice) they charge to place sports bets with them, not to mention their casino and video poker games are just as profitable as the ones in Las Vegas so there’s no need to be greedy.

Also, they have many public figures who are constantly in the press and on social media. You can even Tweet at Dave Mason, the Head Bookmaker at BOL who will always answer players no matter how crazy their questions are.

Where is BetOnline Located?

The head offices for BetOnline are located in the beautiful Central American country of Panama, which is also where they hold their gambling licenses from. They are fully regulated and audited by the Panamanian government to ensure that their operations are legitimate and their games pay out what they are supposed to.

Through these offices they hire many public relations firms and marketing agencies to promote their brand across America, in the hopes of gaining name recognition among gamblers. It’s obviously working well since more and more people are choosing to play with them and praising them on industry forums.

Does BetOnline Accept U.S. Players from Every State?

If you live in the U.S. you’ll probably have already heard that certain states try to block online gambling so they can control their residents and restrict their freedoms. The worst places for this have been New York, Washington, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Missouri, but the good news is that these states don’t own the internet and they’re truly powerless to do anything about betting on the internet. They’re only trying to regulate it to appease special interest groups within the state who own land based casinos and want a monopoly on the industry.

That all said, BetOnline does accept players from every state in the Union and you will be able to play there worry-free. Simply go sign up for an account with them and check out their fantastic website – you’ll see why they’re the first choice of millions of Americans around the country today.

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