The Only Offshore Sportsbook Accepting Players from NJ

MyBookie Sopranos Graveyard

Most reading this guide already know New Jersey is a vigilant jurisdiction when it comes to chasing away competitors. Whether it’s Tony Soprano’s crew bringing the hammer down on rivals or Chris Christie and his boys threatening internet casinos, let’s just say the powers that be don’t take kindly to anyone stepping on their turf.

So how are people from Newark to “The Shore” going to bet NFL football online and get a fix? Well, there’s only a week until kickoff and now that Bookmaker and BetOnline pulled out a few days ago, not many reputable choices remain. All NJ residents are currently requesting balances held there since the party is clearly over.

MyBookie Sign Up BannerHowever, one lone offshore entity decided to follow international laws established through the World Trade Organization‘s decisive victory against the United States (twice) and is continuing to accept New Jersey players. None other than favorite destination, MyBookie, led by braggadocios wonder boy, David Strauss. For those who don’t remember, he’s the Head Bookmaker allowing a wager on celebrity deaths and other embarrassing mishaps possibly incurred by public figures.

Simply stated, the “bad news” is gamblers in NJ presently only have one option, but the “good news” is it’s an excellent operation coming highly recommended. They are widely-known for quality and anyone depositing with cryptocurrency will never have a problem there. Well, unless craving some online poker since that’s the one product not offered, but everything else from Atlantic City is found including blackjack, slots, and tables.

Anyone not appreciating government-backed monopolies funded by high-priced lobbyists and propped up by puppet politicians can contact local representatives to relay feedback. For everyone else simply wanting to hammer Bears vs. Packers on Thursday Night Football from their lazy-boys, go register at legal American sportsbook MyBookie now to get action down.

A quote from Junior pretty much sums it up, You steer the ship the best way you know. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can. Well said, sir. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go tell that calzone with legs, David Strauss, to come out of his mouse hole and start Tweeting again.

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