Seeing Different Betting Lines at Online Sportsbooks

Screenshot of MyBookie Sportsbook Lines

Many readers ask why they sometimes see different betting lines at the same online sportsbook compared to friends seated right beside them who are logged into another account. Each is being shown unique numbers so most assume it’s an error, however, now it’s time to explain one of the iGaming industry’s best kept secrets and how a little extra juice is squeezed from winning players.

In short, whoever sees reduced odds has been profiled by the website’s trading team and is now labelled as sharp, meaning they actually know how to make successful sports wagers. Therefore, every time they login to look at lines, smaller spreads and inconsistent figures are presented.

Anyone angry or suspicious who contacts a customer service representative to alert them will not like what happens next. The rep will calmly state it’s a classic case of “stale lines” necessitating logging out and back in to refresh the browser’s cache. Of course, during this time they’ll quickly “fix” the issue by setting the other user to “sharp” in the backend software.

Now both see the same thing and the problem is “solved”. Although, obviously this resolution wasn’t ideal for the person originally designated as “square” since they’ll now only be able to place action on lower numbers. Consequently, it’s recommended not to contact sites when this happens.

Why Do Online Sportsbooks Have Unique Odds for Sharp Players

Before going crazy and screaming, “That’s not fair!”, consider the operator’s side of things. If they wanted to protect themselves from professionals without relying on profiling strategies it would require changing numbers for everybody in order to slow down the experts. Therefore, odds would be worse for everyone and not just those who truly deserve more of a challenge. After reflecting on this alternative most should agree it’s better to simply hang two sets of lines, especially since 99% are in fact squares. NFL Sign Up Bonus BannerThis is one of many ways vigilant and transparent Bovada reduce their exposure to winning players, with competitors adopting an identical style. The next step after being labelled “sharp” is to be barred entirely, which has happened to pros since Las Vegas first came online in the 1990s. They want recreational clients, not experts and this is clearly stated in their terms and conditions as they’re not trying to keep it a secret.

Some actually possess two separate accounts to examine alternate odds, or consult someone square who hasn’t been profiled to procure information. They then know exactly the discrepancy amount and depending on the situation, might have someone else place action for them to get superior numbers.

Usually the disparity is either a ½ point for NFL spreads, a few points on NBA lines, unique Totals, and generally reduced payouts for every event listed.

Seeing Different Gambling Odds when Logged Out

Sharps see different gambling odds when logged out as a result of sportsbooks always posting square lines on their guest sites to attract “Average Joes” to register. It’s only after signing in the reduced amounts are displayed.

In summation, every operator partakes in profiling so it makes sense to simply go bet at honest and regulated MyBookie since they’re open about the practice, while others still deny it. To be clear, everyone does it but MB are the only ones with enough class to admit it.

Even big brands like William Hill, 888, Ladbrokes, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetStars, and Bet365 limit players in order to reduce losses. This is simply another reason to keep business offshore with 100% honest companies who are fully trusted in the industry.

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