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Best Four Card Poker USA Online Casinos

***Updated: November 20th, 2020***

In its quest to develop new successful proprietary software, Shuffle Master stumbled upon one of its biggest hits when it secured rights to Three Card Poker in 2002. There was still an obvious opening in the market for a four card version, so executive Roger Snow rushed to meet demand.

Strangely, this game is hard to find as few places currently offer it due to difficulties in securing the license. Therefore, this official list of best Four Card Poker USA online casinos is a valuable resource to many, each of the following guaranteed to be safe and trustworthy.

Best Four Card Poker USA Online Casinos
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Almost everyone has the three card variety, however this variant remains scarce. It stands to reason additional sites will be adding it in the future, but for now, these are the sole destinations to visit.


This version of poker is played against the dealer instead of other individuals at the table. Two initial bets are available, the ante against the House and a side option for hands of Aces Up, explained in detail below.

Participants are dealt five cards face-down, while dealers receive an additional one face-up. The House edge lies in that extra card which helps to form the strongest four card combination possible from the six. Another way they could win is upon a fold and surrendering the original amount staked.

For those interested, here is a video tutorial by the world’s foremost casino game expert, Michael Shackleford (The Wizard of Odds), explaining Crazy 4 Poker strategy, rules, and how to play for optimal returns.


If continuing, chips must be placed equal to the ante or more, with a max raise of 3x first amount made. Players then discard, using the remaining four cards as their hand against the House, with the greatest potential results being:

  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Two Pair
  • Aces or Better

Any of these also win Aces Up because they are “a pair of aces or better”, regardless of dealer hands. Payouts are based on the charts of each individual operator and usually top out at 50-1 for Four of a Kind, but odds may change slightly depending on location.

After everyone decides to fold or raise, the dealer reveals their cards and then discards two of the six. This casino game is somewhat unique as players win all ties, definitely not a standard outcome at most tables.

Payouts are 1 to 1 but bonuses are often awarded for Three of a Kind (2 to 1), Straight Flush (20-1), and Four of a Kind (25-1). Again, confirm terms before gambling for real money in order to understand all odds and rules.

Crazy Four Poker

Shuffle Master also has a popular alternative known as Crazy Four Poker, where both player and dealer assemble an optimal four card hand from the five dealt. There are three wagers available with ante, Super Bonus, and side bet, which rewards Pairs of Queens or better.

PSA Flight Attendants by PlaneSimilar to the original version, customers may only raise up to 3x the ante, but require at least a Pair of Aces to do so. In the final showdown, if the dealer doesn’t have at least King High, the result is a push, and settles similarly for all other ties. The Super Bonus pays for straights or higher and lesser hands can still save antes if victorious.

Odds are different than in its parent game due to limited liability against bigger raises, as well as players winning ties. House edge thus drops below 2%.

How To Play

Those pursuing perfect strategy in Four Card Poker should set aside some nights for studying the numerous possible hand combinations. Generally, a sound approach is to fold anything lower than a pair of 3s and with 10s or greater, stake the maximum. While betting options are fewer, anytime Aces or higher are drawn and it’s possible to put down 3x the ante, do it every time.

To confirm, Super Bonus and sides are not sucker bets like Blackjack Insurance because they carry 3 to 5% House edge depending on table, so place action liberally.

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