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There’s not a gambler alive who doesn’t like pulling on the lever of a one armed bandit now and again, especially if it’s a virtual one from the comfort of their own home. Of course, nowadays it’s possible to play from absolutely anywhere in the country thanks to the mobile betting websites that can be accessed on all devices, including smartphones, regardless of the size of its screen.

There are only a few trusted USA casinos with online slots these days and we update the rankings every month or so when major changes need to be considered. Many different factors go into the list, the most important elements being the number of individual games offered, the deposit methods available, and the amount of time it takes to receive a payout. Each of the following operators are trustworthy and safe, and come fully recommended by us so give any of them a visit and be confident that they treat their players right.

Best USA Online Casinos for Slots

Big Spin Casino Large Logo 200% Match up to $1,000
MyBookie Large Logo 250% Match up to $1,000
Wild Casino Large Logo $5,000 Welcome Package
Xbet Large Logo 100% Match up to $300
Slots.Lv Large Logo $5,000 Slots Bonus
Cafe Casino Large Logo 500% Welcome Package

Every one on the above list of best slots casinos have at least 100 exclusive titles to choose from and some even make their own fun creations to entice people to sign up with them, rather than competitors. The more distinct products they can offer, the more customers they’ll get, but most still focus on the popular themes of Egypt, food, Ancient Greece, zombies, leprechauns, and the wild west. The good news is that whatever someone’s looking for, it can be found quickly thanks to the easy search functions now commonplace at the majority of sites.

However, some aren’t worried about subject matter at all and are instead concerned with a machine’s “volatility”, the amount it pays back on average over time, and will only load up the ones giving them the opportunity to win lots of money. High volatility games always pay out less on average because winnings of larger sums are possible (although infrequently) due to bonus features or an attached jackpot. Therefore, either play for longer stretches and lose less bankroll, or lose more in exchange for a shot at hitting a massive prize.

Currently, three main software companies service the United States market, with Betsoft, Realtime Gaming, and Rival each having been in operation for well over 15 years. They have their own unique styles but there are machines that look almost identical, showcasing sexy girls, romantic vampires, and sweaty Italian mobsters all starring in way too many games to count. Some people don’t care about the company though and as long as there’s fun to be had, they’re happy.

The differences between the slots online and those found on the floors of Las Vegas or Atlantic City are minimal, except that the screens are obviously smaller. One can still choose the number of paylines to activate, the dollar value of their credits, start and stop the reels at anytime, and trigger freerolls providing extra opportunities to grab additional cash.

There are actually even more features to enjoy when betting from home, for instance an auto spin button, the ability to set win and/or loss limits, and the functionality to play multiple machines at once on a split screen. Although, it’s important to be careful with that last one since the speed is a lot faster than at a brick and mortar establishments, and some websites allow up to four spinning simultaneously.

Real Money Online Slots in the U.S.

Every operator listed on our website has real money slots and are guaranteed to pay winnings. Once a player has signed up they’ll be able to access demo games, however, all that’s needed to gamble for real is visit their cashier page and choose a way to fund the account. It’s just like Vegas: at the end of the day the balance is either bigger, smaller, or breaks even and we live to fight another day.

So now that we’ve established one can play online slots for cash in the United States, let’s go over how to get paid since this topic seems to be a primary question for those first starting out. A general rule of thumb is that winnings will be received the exact same way the account was originally funded, so it requires some thought beforehand.

Sure it’s easy to deposit at online casinos with VISA but if you live in America they can’t pay back onto a card, and force you to accept a check by mail in order to collect. It doesn’t sound bad at first but when some learn that checks can sometimes take up to 28 business days to reach their doorstep, they quickly start searching for alternative options.

This is why many players in the U.S. have made the switch to cryptocurrency and now use Bitcoin to gamble or one of the other coins out there like DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Monero instead of the old school ways of the 1990s. The transactions are fast, they’re easy to do, and most importantly, 100% private so users never need to worry about anyone knowing their personal affairs – crypto is real money, temporarily in electronic form.

That said, for those stuck in their ways or weary of new technology, it’s possible to play slots using Western Union, if they are willing to go to the time and trouble it takes to send one. Most places still accept money orders as payment but are slowly starting to discourage them to push people to try cryptocurrency. Deposit minimums of $500 or more for Western Union transactions are not uncommon, so be ready to move a decent sized bankroll.

Online Slot Game Variations

Every betting website we promote has a few different variations of online slot games, with the most common being the video variety which load in a browser without hassle. These days, new releases are mobile compatible, playable on any device, including Androids and iPhones, and capable of automatically resizing the page to fit the screen.

From there, one will usually find a dozen or so 3D machines containing weird looking characters who look like demented cartoons – some appear pure evil and their smiles are very creepy. People either love or hate this style, often based on children’s fairytales such as Jack and the Beanstalk or the Three Little Pigs. There are also a few featuring strange animals going on mystic journeys, for those into that sort of thing.

The last type includes jackpot games, which have the potential to be life chaning, since the huge cash prizes can easily climb into the millions if they haven’t gone off for a while. The loot either comes from the operators themselves, or it could be a network jackpot that multiple websites contribute to. Where it will ultimately be won, no one knows.

How to Play Online Slots in the USA

For anyone who doesn’t already know how to play slots online, here is a simple step by step guide on what to do from start to finish. The time to complete everything below shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes, or possibly 15 for those that prefer a leisurely pace.

First, choose somewhere to go by picking a website from the list above that has an appealing welcome offer. The column titled “SIGN UP BONUS” explains what the current offer is at each place for registering now and giving them a piece of your bankroll. Next, simply click to the right on the “PLAY NOW” text to be securely taken to their website in order to sign up. Or, click on the various logos to go read our expert U.S. online casino reviews of each and find out the specific details on their reputation, customer service, and withdrawal times.

MyBookie Casino Join FormThe site will then load a short form requesting a few pieces of the usual information like name and email address. Fill these out and click “submit” or “join now” to complete the process. From there the deposit page will load listing current options – it’s not necessary to fund right away, feel free to take a tour first. Note, a valid email must be used as they confirm it before approving the account (this also ensures receipt of all flash promotions).

Once created, games can be played for free using credits added to the balance each time something new is loaded. There is no limit to length of session or number of machines, so relax and don’t rush it.

If after a while you like what you’re seeing, it’s probably time to return to their cashier and figure out how much moolah to transfer in, with most minimums usually anywhere from $25 to $50 depending on the banking method used.

Winning Slots Strategy

So now you’re up and running and undoubtedly want a winning slots strategy, to guarantee walking away with more money than you started with. Well, sadly there is no such thing and anyone who says differently is lying. This is because the results truly are random and it’s impossible to predict what comes next – one can only press the button and cross their fingers.

That said, almost all of them have the average “Return to Player Percentage” posted somewhere in its Information Section to provide the true odds of realizing a return are. High volatility ones typically repay anywhere between 87% to 91% of the total funds wagered in a session, while low volatility ones can pay out as much as 99%.

There’s really no legitimate strategy to help players win, so it’s important to focus on having fun and take whatever comes along. Don’t give a second thought to what’s going to happen – just go and have fun.

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