Excellent Online Sportsbook Promotions for USA Players

Excellent Online Sportsbook Promotions for USA Players

There certainly isn’t a shortage of honest offshore sportsbooks accepting USA players these days, however, there’s a huge difference when it comes to the energy levels of their respective marketing departments. Some places rarely (if ever) offer excellent promotions, which can lead to boredom for many as the website resembles a barren wasteland with basic odds quietly posted without fanfare.

Sure this is great for anyone who takes a no-nonsense approach to gambling on sports but there’s no need to take all the fun out of it. Sometimes you just crave a little excitement. Thankfully, there is one particular place who has been aggressively getting their name into the media for a few years now and their crazy antics are finally starting to get noticed by the masses.

This certainly is one unique destination though, and anyone who checked out our exclusive review of MyBookie has probably already guessed they’re going to be the #1 recommended destination for Americans who want to add a little bit of zest into their bland routines. Word has it that the unconventional ideas all come from their Head Bookmaker, David Strauss, who’s feuded on Twitter with some of the biggest names in the industry, so much so it’s been reported the company has him on a full social media ban. It’s fairly obvious these guys aren’t like the rest.

Current MyBookie Sportsbook Promotions

They always host tons of special events, but there are a few current U.S. online sportsbook promotions that have been posted on the MyBookie Bonus page for over two years now. Since it looks as if they’re going to be sticking around for a while, we might as well go over the best ones and explain exactly how to interject some laughs into what is typically a very serious undertaking for most.

MyBookie Credit Card Join Now BannerSome of them are a little strange at first glance, but when you read the details of how they work it’s clear they were designed to protect players from all the stupid things that can cause a wager to lose. The last two are based on futility so if you’re someone who loses a lot more than you win, pay particular attention to those – they were basically created for you.

All are available throughout the year but one little piece of “fine print” to note is it’s mandatory to email their customer service team to receive them if they happen. No funds are automatically put into accounts and a formal request has to be made in writing. The updated balance will then appear within 48 hours depending on how busy they are at the time.

No Fun Refund Promotion

This is hands-down the best one on the list (in our opinion) since although it happens rarely, when it does it’s an absolute soul-crusher. The MyBookie No Fun Refund will return your wager amount on an NFL team who scores a touchdown in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes or less left in the game and subsequently gets a penalty for taunting or excessive celebration, and then proceeds to lose in any fashion.

The refund will only apply to the first straight bet on the spread or moneyline and exotics like teasers or parlays aren’t eligible. Two player-friendly rules of this one are 1) the penalty can be on any player on the team and not specifically on the individual who scored and 2) the flag can be thrown after the touchdown or extra point. By giving a few possibilities for the potential rebate to activate, it’s clear they actually want to make people feel better if this happens and not just pretend like they care.

There’s no maximum amount so all bets will be returned no matter the stake.

Superman Promotion

Here’s an offer that’s going to be very hard to trigger, but certainly not impossible. Named after the strongest American hero of all time, the MyBookie Superman promotion will reward you for a perfect slate of NFL wagers against the spread on any given weekend. If you pull off the perfect picks they’ll double whatever the winnings are, provided the risk amount on each was a minimum of $20.

To clarify, all of the games must be wagered on for that given week including Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football, or any ones scheduled on a Saturday around Christmas time. It can happen anytime during the regular season as Weeks 1 through 17 are eligible for action.

Fresh Start Promotion

Now the offers take a dark and ugly turn, with the MyBookie Fresh Start extending an olive branch to any player who’s on a terrible losing streak. How bad does it need to be? Well, anyone who loses 20 wagers in a row will receive a single refund of their average bet amount to help ease the pain. Of course, any gambler who doesn’t win after twenty attempts should probably just retire and find something else to do with their free time.

Mercifully, all types of wagers qualify for a reboot bonus with reverses, “if” bets, parlays, and singles of $10 or more triggering the rebate. Just make sure to lay down real money and not free-play funds as that would technically cancel the streak and nullify the refund.

10 is the Magic Number Promotion

Here’s another promotion rewarding futility, this time when it comes to banking transfers. Those who deposit 10 times in a row without getting a payout will qualify for the MyBookie 10 is the Magic Number offer and receive free cash in their account.

The bonus will be an average of the ten previous transactions and the funds will come with a 10x rollover requirement on them before any winnings can be withdrawn. After receiving it, the counter will be reset to zero and start again, meaning there’s no limit to the number of times this can be triggered. Fun!

So there you have it, four excellent reasons to join MyBookie now and get a little extra pleasure out of an exercise that can be downright infuriating sometimes. It’s always horrible to lose, but if you can get paid in the process it’s going to take some of the pain away.

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