Bet 2020 NFL Playoffs Online: Wildcard Weekend

Bet on 2020 NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Weekend

It seems like it’s taken forever, but the most exciting two days of professional football are finally here and Wildcard Weekend kicks off tomorrow at 4:30pm EST with the country’s favorite Underdog. Bills Mafia won’t be the only ones scrambling to bet on NFL at U.S. online sportsbooks since current indicators are predicting much more interest for 2020 than past years.

This is due to both the specific teams involved and gambling becoming legal federally. So where exactly should you place you action this weekend? Well, it depends on a few important factors so keep reading and decide for yourself as there’s a healthy mix of bonus offers, juicy lines, and deposit methods available.

Loyal readers who checked out this honest review of MyBookie for USA players will already know that we consider them to be the #1 place to join. They have excellent customer service, plumper odds, fast payouts, and dish out tons of free cash throughout the year. So feel free to save yourself some time and skip the rest of this article and just go sign up with them right now.

MyBookie NFL Banner 2019

Those wanting to look at a few more options will be happy to know there are a handful of additional trusted betting sites to choose from, but none as good as the aforementioned one when you add up all of their perks and extras.

Best U.S. Online Sportsbooks for 2020 NFL Playoffs

Now that the number one position has been filled, let’s look at a few other destinations and explain why they’re worth checking out. Some will have already seen our list of best Bitcoin sportsbooks for NFL gambling and know there are sadly only a few viable options in 2020. This is due to both our stringent requirements and insistence on only promoting trusted partners who’ve proven themselves to be honest with customers.

However, if crypto isn’t your financial tool of choice, check out this full directory of deposit methods and find out who’s accepting each one as 2020 begins. Certain brands are repeated throughout the guides because they’ll offer as many as possible, although rankings are still constantly updated to ensure our readers remain current and know who’s leading the industry.

For example, the newest kid on the block is who boast every product imaginable, including a racebook and full poker room offering Texas Hold ‘Em and other popular variants from around the world. They received a lot more publicity in the States throughout 2019, predominantly due to them being a safe website accepting every cryptocurrency under the sun. Yes, even Ripple. Therefore, anyone under 30 years old has registered an account there and never looked back.

The only major complaint is their webpages sometimes don’t load properly and images appear broken, which is really frustrating if you’re in a rush and trying to get down on a particular event. That said, they have so much else going for them it’s easy to look past this design flaw.

Big Sportsbook Bonuses for NFL Gambling

The last two brands worth mentioning will be familiar to many readers since they spend tons on advertising and public relations. Both have released big bonuses to gamble on the 2020 NFL playoffs but the details of each are certainly much different.

The folks over at Bovada are extending a 100% match to first-time depositors throughout January, but only up to a maximum of $200. It comes with a respectable 5x rollover requirement to achieve before any funds can be withdrawn, which is one of the better rules to be found.

Alternatively, BetOnline has posted a 100% match for all initial transfers using cryptocurrency and they’ve decided to be generous and allow members to claim up to $1,000 in extra money. This is a massive amount that’s sure to attract people from around the country who want to stretch bankrolls as far as possible. The rollover on this is 14x which will obviously take a bit more time to complete.

There’s no telling when this promotion will be taken down so head over and sign up at BetOnline today to join the festivities.

Best Offshore Odds for Wildcard Weekend

Anyone yearning to capitalize on the best offshore odds for Wildcard Weekend 2020 will have a few different options, with ultimate destinations being determined by wagers desired. Surprisingly, there are conflicting numbers posted at books, meaning value can be found.

The craziest discrepancy is between MyBookie and for [email protected], with MB gifting one full point to Philadelphia with +2½ instead of +1½. Throughout the regular season you can regularly find half point differences but a full is rarer than a sober Irishman. It’s even more seldom once the playoffs hit so if you want to bet on the Eagles to cover the spread against Seattle, get down on that as soon as possible.

Also, there’s one final Christmas gift under the tree for fans in upper New York State from Pat Morrow and the Bovada Sportsbook with their line of Bills +3 as they gallop into Houston. Everyone else has Buffalo at +2½ so place your action accordingly.

Finally, those wagering on game totals have clear choices depending on which side they want to get down on. MyBookie has [email protected] at 43½ while has the number at 44. Then there’s another full point gift with MB setting [email protected] at 50 with their competitors posting 49, ensuring great value for both Overs and Unders.

As always, enjoy the football and may the Double Doinks bounce our way!

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