Bet on Harry and Meghan’s First Child

Harry and Meghan Waving

Everyone loves good entertainment props, especially when it has anything to do with The Royal Family. Now it’s possible to bet on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first born child thanks to imaginative oddsmakers and Head Trader, Pat Morrow, with quite surprising variety. Those unfamiliar with this place should check out our honest review of Bovada Sportsbook for U.S. players to learn everything about them before registering.

Some are obvious queries like Day of the week the child will be born?, with each day listed at exactly +550, as well as What gender will the baby be?, both sexes currently -115. In regards to geography, the United Kingdom (-500) is favored as Nation where the baby will be born?, USA (+300) and field (+700) being slightly longer shots.

Harry and Meghan props also get physical with odds on their first child’s hair color being black (+125), brown (+150), red (+300), auburn (+800), or blonde (+2500). Another option is a straight-up No for Will their first born child have red hair?, paying -400 if correct. Bovada even posted the new Royal’s weight at 8lbs 5oz, with under (-170) slightly favored versus over (+130).

These are fun to consider but the most popular prop involves the moniker of who will ultimately be 7th in line for the throne, with some real doozies available. Top three choices are Arthur (+1400), Alice (+1400), and of course, Diana (+800) is tops. Adventurous punters should look at names such as Leopold (+10000), Jamie (+15000), or Boris (+25000) to try to cash in on an extreme long shot…that’s definitely not going to come in.

For all these Prince Harry and Meghan questions and more, go see the full list of entertainment props at Bovada Sportsbook and get in on some “royal action” today.


***All odds correct as of November 9th, 2018.***

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