Bet on the 2018 Houston Rockets

Bet on 2018 Houston Rockets


No one knew how the “two point guard experiment” would end up in Houston last year but most observers would now agree that it ended up being pretty darn good. The Rockets came within “one unfortunate injury” to Chris Paul of making it to the 2018 NBA Finals so they should be out for blood in their 2018/2019 campaign, with their eyes firmly set on the Golden State Warriors.

No matter how this year finishes, Houston fans can count themselves lucky that they’re logically 1 of only 2 teams who can upset the Warriors’ quest for the 2019 NBA Championship. Starting the season they have almost identical odds to the Boston Celtics who are going to have to stay healthy if they want to challenge anyone in the West, let alone make it out of the Eastern Conference. It’ll be an uphill battle for either team if they face off against Golden State in The Finals but they definitely have a shot.

Fans 0f every team know that it’s always that much sweeter when your team is crowned champion if you win a little bit of money at the same time. This is why futures wagers are so much fun: whether it’s the NBA, NFL, or any other league under the sun, the feeling of satisfaction that you get for wagering on your own team to win so far in advance is absolutely fantastic. This is why life-long supporters of Houston will want to bet on them in 2018 – they have a very good chance of winning.

Where to Bet on the Houston Rockets

So just who’s offering the best bets on the Houston Rockets to win the 2019 Championship this year? Well all of the most trusted U.S.A. online sportsbooks agree that they are the second best team in pro basketball this season, trailing the aforementioned “stacked team”, the Golden State Warriors. This will come as no surprise to anyone who watches the NBA as “The Dubs” have the most talent and keep attracting the best free agents during the offseason like Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins. In short, they are clearly the team to beat this year.

There are two books who seem to always be offering the smallest payouts on NBA futures wagers and that’s BetDSI and the Intertops Casino, and both currently have the Rockets posted at +800 to win it all. In addition, Intertops has the Rockets at +500 to win the Western Conference which is also lower than what the rest of the market is offering. These odds aren’t terrible but you can always find better if you take the time to look, or simply check back here to read exclusive Betting Guides like this one.

James Harden in a Blue SuitAnother interesting number at BetDSI is their season win total for the Rockets at 55.5, which does seem a little low based on the amount of bottom-feeding teams there are in the NBA these days who struggle to win more than 22 games. This might be a good value bet for anyone who thinks that James Harden and the boys are going to make the jump to an “elite team” this year.

Usually the BetOnline Sportsbook has juicy odds that you can sink your teeth into, but when it comes to this prop wager they’re at the same price as the aforementioned books: +800. However, they have a slightly better number for Houston to take the West with +600 currently posted.

Those Americans who have been gambling online for a while will already know that they’ll probably find some decent odds at MyBookie, and they’re right in this instance as they have the Rockets at +900 to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2019, right behind the Celtics at +700, presumably because Houston would almost certainly have to go through Golden State to get there. Rounding out their top favorites, MB also has the Toronto Raptors at +900, again, this is probably because they would have to go through the stacked Boston Celtics to get out of the East.

Finally we get to the best place to bet on the 2018-2019 Houston Rockets, and that’s the Bovada Casino for U.S. players, who also have the highest payouts for wagering on the Celtics and Lakers to win this year as well. Their current number on the Rockets is +950 to win the 2019 NBA Championship, and +600 to finish atop the Western Conference, so it’s clear where Houston fans will want to go to get some action on their team.

Bet on James Harden to Win the 2018-19 MVP Award

This year he’s certainly not the favorite but if you want to bet on a Rocket to win the 2018-19 MVP award, BetDSI has James Harden firmly in the 4th spot to win it at +500. He’s behind LeBron James (+300), Anthony Davis (+350), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (+400), but he could easily leapfrog them if the Rockets make a charge and he’s the one leading it.

However, it should come as no surprise that MyBookie is paying out a little bit more for Harden to receive the Maurice Podoloff Trophy with their current line of +550, so this is where the value is. Anyone interested will want to bet this line immediately because it will shrink quickly if the Rockets correct their 1-4 start to the season, so go signup at the MyBookie Online Casino today and get your money down.


***All odds correct as of October 29, 2018.***

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