Bet on the 2018 Los Angeles Lakers

Bet on the 2018 Los Angeles Lakers

Now that the 2018-19 NBA Season has tipped off it’s time to have have a look at the best bets for the Los Angeles Lakers this year and how to get down on LeBron James and his teammates. There are tons of great online sportsbooks servicing the USA but not all provide value for money, not to mention levels of customer service vary wildly. Every destination is unique, requiring full examination before committing to a decision.

Even Laker fans have to admit it’s a little strange to see them as 3rd, 4th, or 5th favorites to win the 2019 NBA Championship, with thoroughly-reviewed and recommended MyBookie Casino having current odds of +1800 for them to it. Then over at BetOnline their number for the same result is only paying +1000 for LeBron and the boys to take it all. So what gives?

It’s important to understand that every decent bookmaker in the world knows most recreational gamblers act with emotion and therefore, love staking favorite teams. This is why there are never juicy lines for teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and yes, the L.A. Lakers because they simply have too many fans. Tons of people are going to throw their money down on them anyway, so why give this uneducated crowd inflated odds to attract them? They’re definitely coming no matter what.

Where to Bet on Los Angeles Lakers

Now that we know you’re not going to find any “fantastic” odds on the Lakers, let’s determine which websites are giving the most value. Well, currently it’s the aforementioned MyBookie, as well as the genuinely honest Bovada Casino who are both offering +1800 for Los Angeles to win, so that’s where action should be placed for now.

MyBookie NBA Sign Up BonusOdds then start to fall with BetDSI paying +1300, Intertops posting +1200, and BetOnline checking in with the worst option of +1000. This is strange since “BOL” usually has some of the best NFL numbers, but apparently they’re a little more stingy when it comes to pro basketball.

We see a similar pattern when it comes to current odds on the Lakers winning the Western Conference, with BOL paying +800 and Intertops offering the same. Then renegade books of “MB” and Bovada agree with each other with a posted line of +1100 for the Lakers to make it to The NBA Finals. The touts always make you scratch your head because sometimes they have ridiculously generous lines and other times you can almost smell the fear coming off of their numbers.

When it comes to season win total for the Lakers there seems to be general consensus they’re going to finish somewhere just out of the Top 5 in the West, with many projecting them to notch around 50 victories. The specific line has hovered around 49 or 49.5 which tells the betting public the “experts” think The Lake Show will be a 6, 7, or 8 seed for the playoffs but still manage to battle their way deep (based on odds to win the 2019 Championship).

Bet on LeBron James to Win 2018-19 MVP Award

Hoards of giddy Laker fans are dreaming of LeBron James carrying their team to not only the Championship this season, but to also win the 2018-19 NBA Most Valuable Player Award and lift the Maurice Podoloff Trophy high above those throughout the league who doubted him. LeBron has won this award four times but the last occasion was in the 2012/2013 NBA Season as he’s watched elite athletes like Stephen Curry and James Harden pass him in voting.

Yet again there’s only one logical place to bet on LeBron to win the MVP award this year and that’s at MyBookie, currently offering the best odds of +375. Strangely, they have two others with the exact same odds to win, with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis both having that number. The Top 5 is then rounded out by James Harden at +550 and Kawhi Leonard at +600, if he can transform the always-disappointing Toronto Raptors. BetDSI disappoints clients by agreeing those 5 are the favorites, but they’re only paying +300 for LeBron and +350 for Davis, so it’s clear where to go for action on this one.

Things then get silly with Odds for each of these players playing for the Lakers on opening night 2019-20, with lines sure to attract a few star-struck fans. Anthony Davis sits at +210 for “Yes” and -300 for “No”, putting the favorite team to start him as the New Orleans Pelicans. Oddsmakers also think there’s a reasonable chance Kawhi Leonard will end up in L.A. with a “Yes” rewarding +365 (probably because he’s firmly on record as wanting to play there soon). They then have Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant as long-shots to put on the purple and gold, paying +525 and +650 respectively if they do.

For all these great options and more, go read reasons why Intertops is a great NBA sportsbook and remember them next time you want to place some hard court action.

***All odds correct as of October 28, 2018.***

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