Bet On the Next Superman in a DC Comics Movie

Superman Promotional Image Christopher Reeve


This handsome alien from the planet Krypton crash-landed on Earth almost 100 years ago and he’s built a very loyal following during his time here. Now a lot of DC Comics fans are wondering who will be the next Man of Steel on the big screen, (and how many movies they’ll actually hang around for). Therefore, in an unsurprising twist, you can bet on who the next Superman will be at the MyBookie Sportsbook & Casino, which is becoming well-known for their wild entertainment proposition wagers.

The current favorite at MyBookie to land the role is Tyler Hoechlin (+125), who just happens to already be Superman on the CW television series Supergirl, so this line makes total sense. However, the #2 favorite is going to surprise a few people since he’s already a star in the Marvel Universe, but nevertheless Michael B. Jordan (+150) is currently second on their list.

Jordan was of course the main villain in the hugely successful Black Panther last summer and is currently one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, but his affiliation to Marvel would make him a strange choice for the role. The props guys at MB also added another actor who’s busy in the Marvel Universe being Captain freakin’ America, putting Chris Evans (+4000) as a mid-range Underdog.

The 3rd best favorite to become the next Superman is Armie Hammer (+300), who most will remember for his role as the Winklevoss twins in the Social Network, (yes he played both of them). He does seem to have the jawline to play Clark Kent and his acting skills do resemble that of a young Christopher Reeve, so this might not be a bad bet to get down on.

Superman Comic Book #475Next are the 4th and 5th favorites of Garrett Hedlund (+400) and Idris Elba / Wes Bentley (+650), which means that 2 of the top 6 actors are African Americans, signalling that the boys over at MyBookie are thinking that DC might update the classic character for modern times. The other two people of color on the list are Will Smith (+10000), who would definitely get jiggy with the role, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (+2500), who would obviously make us all smell the justice he was cooking.

There are of course some ridiculous options to bet on like Ben Affleck (+5000), the dude who played Batman a few years ago and annoyed every fan in the world, and Mark Wahlberg (+3000), who hasn’t dazzled audiences since Boogie Nights and could never properly act out the role of the bumbling-but-loveable Clark Kent. Only a fool would think about throwing their money away one of these sucker bets – nice try, Mr. Strauss.

Oh – the greatest American actor you can bet on to land the role of Superman next? None other than the formidable Nicholas Cage (+5000), who was supposed to star in a reboot of the superhero in the late 1990s called “Superman Lives” which never came to fruition. Tim Burton was on board to direct the film and most fans think that this would have easily been the best movie of the entire series. So maybe Cage is due?

To check out these current entertainment props at MyBookie and all of the other crazy lines they have posted, head on over and click through the pages of their website today. Up, up and away…

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