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Bet XFL Online in 2020

Now that the Super Bowl has past and Kansas City finally got the parade they so desperately wanted, millions of Americans are suffering from “professional football withdrawal” and are unsure as to what could possibly fill the void. Well, it appears as if the leading candidate comes courtesy of WWE owner Vince McMahon as he has gone ahead with plans to revive his XFL from the ashes, giving the public something else to get down on 12 weekends of the year. It’s a bold move but his gamble could pay off as many things have changed since 2001 when he first tried to win over fans (primarily internet connectivity and social media).

So in the interests of making the next two months more “x-citing”, here are the top recommended offshore sportsbooks accepting U.S. players who are taking action on XFL, with only one place currently listing moneylines and totals. After reaching out to a few operators to ask why their shop only posted spreads, it appears as if they’re hesitant to post lines on a new league comprised mostly of unknown players, that also happens to feature many unique football rules. Who would have thunk it?!

Bovada Sign Up BannerHowever, in a surprising turn of events, Head Linesmaker, Pat Morrow has thrown caution to the wind and posted Over/Unders and moneylines for each matchup at Bovada to ensure members will find traditional betting options upon logging in. We’ve always given him a hard time on this site due to their “retail lines” but he’s absolutely one of the foremost experts on the planet when it comes to bookmaking.

When pressed on how he came up with numbers for a virgin league, Morrow responded with, Well, we’re going to be in learning mode just like the public so we simply did the best we could with the information available. After pausing to take an unreasonably loud sip of Earl Grey tea he concluded the telephone conversation with, Of course we looked at rosters and coaching staffs, but ultimately we expect it to take a few weeks for us to have enough data to tighten up our numbers.

Those wanting to compare spreads should sign up at since their odds offer a bit of variation on what Bovada has posted. Sadly for this weekend, as of right now there’s only one difference, with Xbet giving the St. Louis Battlehawks (+9.5) an extra half point as they swoop into Dallas to take on the Renegades. A few minutes ago they gave Seattle an additional full point to bring their number inline with the rest of the market, closing the door on line-shopping value bettors.

Here are the four matchups for Week 1 of the revived XFL, complete with where and when to watch (all times in EST). It might never get as good as the NFL but it’s sure to provide a bit of fun and excitement to get us through the end of winter (at least for one season, anyway).

Saturday, February 8, 2020

  • Seattle Dragons @ DC Defenders: 2:00pm on ABC
  • LA Wildcats @ Houston Roughnecks: 5:00pm on Fox

Sunday, February 9, 2020

  • Tampa Bay Vipers @ New York Guardians: 2:00pm on Fox
  • St. Louis Battlehawks @ Dallas Renegades: 5:oo pm on ESPN
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