BetOnline Bracket Buster Brings Basketball Bonanza

BetOnline Bracket Buster Brings Basketball Bonanza

Today we have another great NCAA basketball event to announce for 2020, this time with a guaranteed prize pool of six figures, making it one of the best opportunities to win money offshore this March. It’s called the $100,000 Bracket Madness Contest and the person who ends up with the most accurate predictions will be given $15k in cash to stock up on toilet paper, canned goods, and order a few boxes of hand sanitizer to get through the summer.

This is yet another amazing promo from completely reviewed and recommended BetOnline Casino who’ve been bending over backwards to cater to Americans for over two decades now. In addition to a huge sportsbook and table games, they’re also one of the few websites left facilitating head-to-head poker and huge tournaments, with hundreds of active players seated day or night. They’re well-known in the iGaming industry for having soft lines for NFL and NBA, and their entertainment and political props always have pumped up payouts compared to other places.

BetOnline Sign Up BannerThe details are totally straightforward and scoring is standard with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 points being awarded for each progressive round of the tournament. Also, like 99% of other college basketball Bracket Busters it’s necessary to guess a final score of the Championship Game which will be used to break any ties at the end (if not broken, prizes will be split up for everyone deadlocked).

One rule to note is maximum number of entries is 20, so make sure to have a solid “picking strategy” going in if planning on submitting multiple brackets, which might be a good idea given the amount of places getting paid. Crazily, 300 finishers win cash after 1st with 2nd grabbing $7,500, 3rd snatching $5,000, and sums then slowly descend down to $600 to complete the Top Ten. Don’t think bottom-feeders only suck up pennies because 201st to 300th all snag $125 USD, ensuring there are plenty of chances to boost bankrolls.

Selections begin at 9am sharp on Sunday March 15, 2020 once all teams have been announced and placed in their various brackets. However, you can stock up now and enter the BetOnline $100,000 Bracket Madness Contest today and have everything purchased and ready to go for this weekend. Enjoy the tournament and watch out for those #11 Seeds!

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