BetOnline Poker Room Gets Crazy with Latest Tournaments

New Poker Tournaments at BetOnline for 2019

It can’t be confirmed at this time, but it definitely seems as if BetOnline has hired a new Poker Manager to run things over there because the crazy promotions that have come out during 2019 are certainly unique. They seem to be trying out new ideas and structures to attract players and if nothing else, they’ve raised a few eyebrows. They’ve actually grown into one of the most popular U.S. online poker rooms with some estimates putting them at #2 in regards to size, and their network of partner websites is expanding all the time.

Their latest publicity stunt comes in the form of two new Sit’N Go tournament structures that will have some people running there in droves while others will sit back in their chair and scratch their head. Either way, you have to admit that they’re thinking outside of the box with their “Flip” tourneys that don’t require you to touch a button once the cards start flying. Why is that? Well, it’s because you are automatically ALL-IN every single hand until the winner emerges.

Jackpot Probabilities for BetOnline Poker Tournament PromotionYou read that last sentence correctly, it’s basically a flip of the coin each time that requires zero skill or strategy and this format is clearly for those who love to gamble and laugh when they get stung with bad beats. There are different buy-in amounts available with $3, $5, and $10 tourneys kicking off all the time.

This format stems from their new Jackpot Sit’n Go’s series with attached prizes that could give someone $150,000 if they trigger the top one. The fees to enter will count for 2% of the jackpot and when it goes off 85% of it will be handed out with the remaining 15% going towards a reseed for next time. First place grabs 65%, 2nd gets 25%, and 3rd receives 10% so there’s a lot of extra cash to go around.

These ones run normally and allow you to use strategy on the felt instead of dumb luck. Although, it is nice of them to offer an option for lazy people with the Flips – it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out and hear the feedback from players.

So if these zany tournament styles sound like they’re up your alley, go register at BetOnline Poker Room today and get in on this unique action. They have a full tournament schedule and tons of cash tables too so you’ll be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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