Craziest Prop Wagers at BetOnline for Super Bowl 53

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We continue our week-long look at Super Bowl 53 today with some of the craziest props available at BetOnline, one of our top-rated online sportsbooks for Americans today. A lot of proposition wagers are simply designed to get media attention and attract casual clients through the door, but there are a few listed promising a tremendous amount of fun.

Dave Mason personally sets most of these as Head Bookmaker at the always-fair BetOnline offshore gambling site and he’s on record as expecting more volume than normal this year due to laws relaxing. His team has whipped up some doozies for Sunday’s big game between New England and Los Angeles so we’ve cherry-picked the best ones currently posted.

First off, many enjoy staking the color of Gatorade poured on winning coaches as time expires, which sportsbooks now refer to simply as “liquid”. Mason believes “clear/water” (+250) is the favorite followed by Yellow (+300), Orange (+400), Blue (+400), and Red (+600), with Purple (+900) having the largest odds. However, if interested in backing dark horse Purple, do it at well-established and perennially-admired Bovada because they’ve posted +1000, issuing a little extra loot if it hits.

BetOnline Super Bowl 53 Join NowAnother thought-provoking question posited by Mason is Whose age will be closer to the total points?, with Bill Belichick at 66 years old favored (-400) over Sean McVay at 33 (+250). Obviously experts are expecting lots of points to be scored this Sunday so this isn’t surprising.

Traders at BOL then branch out into some “cross sport” options with What will be higher: Canadiens goals VS Oilers on Feb 3 or total turnovers in Super Bowl LIII?, with Montreal’s offense paying -150 vs. +110. Those indifferent to waiting a few months for settlement can get down on What will be higher: Knicks win total in 2019 or Brady’s number of completions? with The Golden Boy (-300) expected to triumph over the hapless Knickerbockers (+200).

Next is a question about an activity popularized many years ago: streaking onto the field. It’s unclear if full nudity is required or not, but in any event Mason feels odds for First person to touch and/or tackle the streaker? are security (+175), a player (+200), a ref (+400),  or a coach (+500). Television broadcasts never show streakers to viewing audiences in order to discourage it so Mason will have to research on Twitter to determine settlements if it comes to pass.

Official NFL FootballFinally, mix a little politics in with Number of times Donald Trump will Tweet on Sunday?, with Over (-110) and Under (-130) set at 5. Or go further into the future with Will any member of the winning team visit the White House?, the strong favorite being “Yes” (-1000) as opposed to “No” (+500). It’s widely-known that Brady and Belichick are good friends with President Trump so if New England wins, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll go.

There are hundreds more props available so visit now to choose sides and book action – the full list is absolutely astounding. Especially consider joining if into gambling using Ethereum as a deposit method since they’re the only trusted destination accepting ETH today.

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