Current MyBookie Payouts Review: Corona Virus Edition

Current MyBookie Payout Review Corona Virus Edition

Now that Americans are facing a global pandemic sweeping through the country, they’re starting to get a little paranoid and are certainly more on edge than usual. Consumers are hitting stores in full force to buy as much bottled water, toilet paper, and Slim Jims as they can fit into carts. Of course, panic isn’t limited to grocery aisles and the best U.S. offshore sportsbooks have seen a run on the bank, causing their Accounting Departments to burn some midnight oil. So how is one industry leader handling the newfound pressure? Apparently, pretty well.

We’ve spoken to Head Oddsmaker David Strauss who confirmed our initial review of MyBookie payouts and deposit methods is still bang-on, however, Check by Mail is extremely backed up and will take longer than normal to arrive. This is absolutely understandable since the number of checks that can be issued at a time is limited due to the necessity of 3rd party processing companies to facilitate each transaction. Therefore, expect to wait 7 to 10 days for approvals and then 7 to 21 business days to receive checks.

MyBookie Sign Up BannerAnother problem is since everyone’s at home hiding from Coronavirus, virtual shopping has exploded (so much so Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees) and as a result, every delivery company is behind. Standard shippers like UPS and FedEx have limits to what they can handle and right now their hands are full moving around vital pandemic supplies. Consequently, if Check by Mail was requested, don’t be in a hurry to receive funds.

Options of Western Union and MoneyGram are still up and running but again, since the entire world is panicking and either trying to fill basements with canned goods or send loved ones cash to do the same, money transferring services are insanely busy. It’s basically the same situation as above and patience, as always, is going to be a virtue, as it could presently take anywhere between 7 to 28 business days to settle.

If originally choosing their Bitcoin Casino or using another accepted cryptocurrency, balances owed arrive in days not weeks since sending only takes a few minutes to complete. However, there’s a temporary option to accept winnings via crypto even if not using it in the first place due to current extenuating circumstances. All BTC payouts should be processed in 2 to 3 days and then ultimate completion times depend on where they fall in the queue.

Strauss assures us everything will eventually be received by members making requests, but the speed at which this happens is simply out of their hands. For now, it’s probably wise to keep the money at MyBookie and have it available to bet on some outrageous sporting events that haven’t been cancelled. It sounds like they’re working on some crazy upcoming promotions over there.

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