Cyber Monday Night Football at MyBookie

Cyber Monday Night Football at MyBookie

If there’s one thing people have learned by reading the news published on Best USA Online Casinos, it’s to expect amazing offers throughout the year at all of our preferred partners. There’s a long list of holidays and events in America, but between November and December there’s even more than usual to celebrate.

Of course, the greatest day to go shopping at malls is Black Friday, however, internet retailers have now made Cyber Monday almost as popular by extending merchandise at deep discounts if purchased at participating retailers. Now internet gambling sites offering NFL odds are starting to get in on the action and a few have announced mind-blowing promotions for 2019 that are not to be missed.

MyBookie Credit Card Join Now BannerSince launching, one of our top recommended sportsbooks has been MyBookie due to their reliability, bonuses, reputation, and stellar customer service. Not to mention, Head Bookmaker David Strauss is constantly keeping things interesting with his long list of ridiculous prop wagers and death bets – there’s never a dull moment there. Now they’ve released a Cyber Monday Night Football event that will give everyone who participates a nice chunk of free cash.

The details are easy to follow and will result in up to $100 being credited back to each account. Just wager a maximum of $100 on Monday Night Football in Week 13’s battle between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks and you’ll receive an equivalent Free Play for the following MNF matchup featuring the New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles.

There are 4 rules to know before jumping in:

  1. The NFL Free Bet amount will be based on the first wager on the game.
  2. Only straight wagers will qualify for the rebate.
  3. The rebate can only be used on the Week 14 MNF game.
  4. The Free Bet must be risked 3 times before it can be withdrawn in a payout.

This type of generosity is nothing new for Strauss and company as we reported in our honest MyBookie review of payouts, products, perks, and everything in between. Their marketing team is one of the hardest-working in the industry and they seem to come up with amazing promos every single month. Of course, giving away money is always guaranteed to attract a few eyeballs so they don’t earn any extra points for this particular one!

That said, a deal like this is simply impossible to turn down, so go signup for Cyber Monday gambling bonuses now and feast on a $100 Free Bet that’s not being offered anywhere else. Everyone in the U.S. qualifies for it, even those living in New York, New Jersey, and Washington State, and there’s never been a better time to open an account with them.

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