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Even with all of the talk these days about how great cryptocurrency is, there’s still a large number of Americans who prefer using credit cards due to their familiarity and ease. Many players have been funding accounts for over 20 years with charge cards and see no reason to stop now. This is why we here at Best USA Online Casinos have updated all of our deposit guides for 2018 and included important information to know.

By far the biggest change this year is numerous destinations are now passing along their merchant fees to members who opt for credit and most people are shocked to learn how much it actually costs to replenish balances. For years, operators covered transaction fees but now that they want to push clients to fund gambling accounts with Bitcoin, all bets are off. In the old days if they tried to invoice customers for purchases they would have just moved along to another website, but now it seems everyone has adopted strict new policies.

Credit Card Close UpTo be fair, credit card companies currently charge extremely high fees so it’s unsurprising sites seek to share the cost. For example, American Express is highest at around 4% of total volume, which obviously adds up over time. Now compare that to the 1.5% competitors bill and it’s easy to understand why it’s difficult to find USA online casinos accepting American Express and still listing it on their cashier page.

The most popular plastic has always been VISA and in 2018 they’ve issued an astounding 323 million cards globally. A distant 2nd is MasterCard who “only” printed 191 million memberships, and AmEx claims a tiny market share with a “mere” 58 million customers worldwide. This is why it’s possible to gamble with VISA today and for the foreseeable future, as countless clients have it in their wallet. Operators would be crazy to completely remove it from their list of options.

Those in the United States solely possessing MasterCards needn’t worry though because it actually has more than just popularity going for it. It has the power of a huge global network of banks in various countries who are happy to process iGaming transactions originating in The Land of Opportunity. Therefore, they have a higher acceptance rate than VISA, making them an attractive choice for operators who don’t want to lose 3rd party processing companies due to rejected purchases, some even covering all fees as a result.

That all said, whether opting to use MasterCard to play slots or anything else, ensure to check back here to stay informed. Not only are our “Best Lists” regularly updated to reflect current top-ranked sites based on specific deposit methods, they also contain exclusive insider knowledge not found anywhere else.

Now let’s see what 2019 has in store…

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