Gamble on Donald Trump Presidency at USA Online Casinos

Bet on Trump PresidencyLove him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald Trump deserves the constant attention that he gets and now you can put your money down on what you think his future holds. It’s been possible to bet on politics for the last few years but thanks to the best USA online casinos in the country, there are now more options available than ever.

First we have the always outlandish MyBookie Sportsbook who’s Head Trader is a known Trump supporter and advocate of Making America Great Again, (possibly just for the Twitter followers, though). They start their list of “Trump Specials” with tantalizing +300 odds that he’ll get impeached before the 2020 elections, with the “no” offering a terribly payout of -500. Sad!

If you want a less-specific wager that will cover Trump’s assassination, resignation, or death by fast food, you can slide on over to the Intertops Sportsbook and get in on a simple, “Trump NOT to finish his 1st term as president” wager. This will cover any reason that he doesn’t complete his four years in office and it pays a very reasonable +150 if won.

Then things get really interesting for sharp gamblers because the Intertops bookmakers don’t feel like the odds of Trump being reelected in 2020 are that good and are therefore offering -250 on the “No”. Why is that so interesting? Well, because you can bet that and then immediately go arbitrage it at MyBookie who’s offering -175 on the “Yes” side…again, presumably just to satisfy the inflated ego of their manager.

They dive even deeper into the life of the POTUS by offering odds on Donald and Melania Trump divorcing: “Yes” for after his presidency pays -140, while “Yes” for during his presidency pays +600. It looks like the “experts” over there think that he can hold his marriage together for a few more years to ensure that he has a date for state dinners and to hush his rabid critics.

If you still haven’t had your fill of political prop wagers you can bet on Sean Hannity leaving Fox News, with him quitting paying +300 and him getting fired paying +400. Sadly the “No” for him getting hired by Trump at the White House is only -1500. Disgraceful!

There are tons more political bets to get in on so visit the MyBookie Sportsbook today and check out what they’ve got on tap – chances are you’ll be surprised…and entertained.


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