MyBookie Adds Survivor Pool for 2018 NFL Season

MyBookie NFL 2018 Survivor PoolThe excellent MyBookie U.S. Sportsbook & Casino has announced they’re offering a unique contest for the 2018 NFL Season and football fans should definitely check this one out. They’ve taken traditional NFL Survivor Pools played with friends and coworkers and put a little twist on them, as they’re technically not against people but vs. the House. A massive $10,000 USD prize is guaranteed but it’s going to take a lot of luck to get that pile of cash.

Unlike normal survivor pools, the goal isn’t to last longer than other participants, it’s required to remain until Week 17, meaning absolutely perfection, picking a winner 17 times in a row. Of course, teams can only be selected once so it’s necessary to form a plan going in and develop a solid strategy to make it deep into the season. One option is to buy multiple entries to safeguard against upsets like Browns over Patriots a few years ago, providing many chances to win. Each entry is $10 each with maximum purchases capped at 30.

This operator is actually a top site for 2018 due to accepting every American from sea to shining sea without restrictions. Countless places these days block residents from states like New York, New Jersey, and Washington, but MB welcomes everyone with open arms. They are 100% secure and totally safe, so play with them in confidence.

Contests start Week 1 and if missing kickoff, it’s impossible to join late, so go visit MyBookie Sportsbook now and signup for an account.

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