MyBookie Nails Khalil Mack’s New Team

Mack Trade MyBookieThe oddsmakers over at MyBookie Casino might be scared to leave up their MLB futures while games are being played throughout the day, but they certainly can predict player movements sometimes. Well, three times in the last few weeks to be exact, but who’s counting?

They finished off the trifecta today when it was announced the Chicago Bears had successfully traded for Khalil Mack, who they had put as a favorite to land him at +300 on August 17th, two weeks before the actual trade. That same day they put up a general prop wager of Will the Raiders trade Mack before November 1st? with “Yes” paying -500 and “No” paying +350, so clearly these guys know what they’re talking about.

After the news broke, MyBookie Head Oddsmaker, David Strauss, went on a Twitter rampage of re-tweets and “I-told-ya-so’s” for the better part of the day, rubbing his insider knowledge in the faces of all who had doubted him. The cherry on top was the fact they had also posted the over/under on Mack’s new contract, which turned out to be exactly on the nose at $90,000,000, which is a new NFL record. Unbelievable.

This follows two other predictions about pro player movements “MB” made this summer which also came true. First they made the Toronto Raptors solid favorites to land Kawhi Leonard when it was obvious the Spurs were going to trade him. Many on social media chastised them for their opinion at the time, but they got the last laugh when Leonard was shipped north of the border shortly after.

A few weeks before this they had the Los Angeles Lakers at -5000 to land Lebron James in the offseason, again receiving jeers from “Twitterverse”, who thought the line was way off and over-inflated. Many thought Lebron would stay in the East with the Celtics or Sixers, or even stay on with the Cavs. Well, we all know how things ended up and that’s another check in Strauss’ win column, but how long can his “Nostradamus-esque” streak of predictions last?

Anyone looking to get in on what’s sure to be a season full of ridiculous NFL prop wagers at can visit now to sign up for an account. The good news is that even if you never bet a dime with them you’re still guaranteed to be entertained by their bookmakers’ silliness.

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