NFL 2019 Gambling Cheat Sheet: NFC East

NFC East Gambling Guide 2019

The NFC East is always up for grabs although the Giants and Redskins have been bottom-feeding for a few seasons now. Of course, we all know that New York can seemingly wake up and go win themselves a Super Bowl anytime they feel like it. However, that seems almost next to impossible in 2019 as Eli fades into retirement mode and appear to be taking the year off.

The Case Keenum Era begins in Washington, assuring them of a minimum of 3 wins this year. The Eagles traded away the best “back up” quarterback in the world and the Cowboys have been experiencing personnel issues since July. Looks like we’ll have another 10-6 NFC East representative in the playoffs again – or maybe even 9-7. As always, never pick one of these teams when they’re playing within in the division as 3-10 squads habitually rally for upsets in late November.

All odds come courtesy of the MyBookie Sportsbook who accepts players from every U.S. state and are currently offering a special welcome bonus for 2019 to all of our readers. For anyone interested, a full explanation of this cheat sheet is at the bottom of the page.

Dallas Cowboys 2019 Gambling Cheat Sheet

When you’re pulling legends like Jason Witten out of retirement with the possibility of a Super Bowl ring you know there has to be something special going down in “Big D”. However, salary disputes and in-fighting are threatening to spoil the 2019 season before it even kicks off. This team will either go to the Super Bowl in February or implode and go 5-11. Book it.

Losing a winnable game against the Rams in the playoffs last year stung but not as much as their opening day stinker in Carolina. At the end of Week 5 we’ll know where this team is at, having faced two division foes plus the Saints and Packers.

2018 Record: 10-6

  • Home: 7-1
  • Away: 3-5
  • Division: 5-1
  • Conference: 9-3

2018 Stats:

  • Points For: 339
  • Points Against: 324
  • Difference: +15
  • End of Season Streak: Won 2

2019 Futures Odds:

  • Over / Under Season Wins: 9 (-1)
  • Win NFC East: +160
  • Win NFC Championship:+1000
  • Win Super Bowl: +2200
  • Jason Garrett Coach of the Year: +2800
  • Trysten Hill Defensive Rookie of the Year: +5000
  • Dak Prescott Most Passing Touchdowns: +7500
  • Dak Prescott O/U Passing Yards: 3850½
  • Dak Prescott MVP: +5500

Key Players:

  • Carnival Barker: Jerry Jones
  • QB: Dak Prescott
  • RB: Ezekiel Elliott
  • RB: Alfred Morris
  • WR: Amari Cooper
  • WR: Tavon Austin
  • WR: Michael Gallup
  • WR: Randall Cobb
  • FB: Jamize Olawale
  • TE: Jason Witten
  • C: Travis Frederick
  • LDE: DeMarcus Lawrence
  • LDT: Maliek Collins
  • SLB: Sean Lee
  • PK: Brett Maher


Jerry Jones owes it to Witten to regain control of this franchise and make a solid run. Or Jones could just do all Cowboys fans a favor and completely retire and only come out twice a year to have his son-in-law clean his glasses in his luxury suite. These guys can lose to anybody in the league – even Miami – so proceed with extreme caution.

New York Giants 2019 Gambling Cheat Sheet

The Giants traded away the best wide receiver in the league (to the Browns, no less) which basically signals to the fanbase that this year’s campaign is simply a “Farewell Tour” for Eli Manning. He brought the franchise 2 Super Bowls, both against a hated Boston team, so the respect is deserved.

Besides a decisive win in Washington last year this squad beat HOU by 5 in Week3 and squeaked out 4, 3, and 3 point wins against SF, TB, and CHI respectively. It’s hard to see them putting up much more of a fight than that this season. Tons of great opportunities to pick against them in your 2019 Survivor Pools.

2018 Record: 5-11

  • Home: 2-6
  • Away: 3-5
  • Division: 1-5
  • Conference: 4-8

2018 Stats:

  • Points For: 369
  • Points Against: 412
  • Difference: -43
  • End of Season Streak: Lost 3

2019 Futures Odds:

  • Over / Under Season Wins: 6 (+1)
  • Win NFC East: +1800
  • Win NFC Championship: +6500
  • Win Super Bowl: +12500
  • Pat Shurmur Coach of the Year: +5000
  • Dexter Lawrence Defensive Rookie of the Year: +5000
  • Deandre Baker Defensive Rookie of the Year: +3300
  • Daniel Jones III Offensive Rookie of the Year: +2000
  • Eli Manning Most Passing Touchdowns: +15000
  • Eli Manning MVP: +12500

Key Players:

  • QB: Eli Manning
  • RB: Saquon Barkley
  • WR: Sterling Shepard
  • WR: Golden Tate
  • WR: Cody Latimer
  • LT: Nate Solder


It seems kind of weird that MyBookie is projecting them to do better this year than last. Watch out for the trap – they love to bait gamblers from New York (as well as Boston) knowing they’ll throw down money to back their team in even the most outrageous of circumstances. Take the under 6 season wins and hope for good draft selections in 2020.

Philadelphia Eagles 2019 Gambling Cheat Sheet

Eagles fans got their Super Bowl victory against hated New England a few years ago so the desperation wafting from Philly has subsided and the general scent of the town has once again returned to cheesesteaks. This bodes well for Carson Wentz since the pressure will be reduced slightly, especially since he can’t fall back on Wonder Boy Nick Foles anymore (who came in on Week 15 last year and saved the season with 3 straight wins throwing for 270, 471, and 221).

Before that run, the Eagles had questionable losses to TB (27-21), TEN (26-23 OT), MIN (23-21), and CAR (21-17). Of course, those pale in comparison to losing to the Cowboys twice.

2018 Record: 9-7

  • Home: 5-3
  • Away: 4-4
  • Division: 4-2
  • Conference: 6-6

2018 Stats:

  • Points For: 367
  • Points Against: 348
  • Difference: +19
  • End of Season Streak: Won 3

2019 Futures Odds:

  • Over / Under Season Wins: 10 (+1)
  • Win NFC East: -160
  • Win NFC Championship: +500
  • Win Super Bowl: +1100
  • JJ Arcega-Whiteside Offensive Rookie of the Year: +3300
  • Miles Sanders Offensive Rookie of the Year: +2000
  • Carson Wentz Most Passing Touchdowns: +1000
  • Carson Wentz O/U Passing Yards: 4250½
  • Carson Wentz MVP: +800

Key Players:

  • QB: Carson Wentz
  • QB: Josh McCown
  • RB: Jordan Howard
  • RB: Darren Sproles
  • WR: Alshon Jeffery
  • WR: DeSean Jackson
  • TE: Zach Ertz
  • C: Jason Kelce
  • LDE: Brandon Graham
  • LDT: Fletcher Cox
  • RDT: Malik Jackson
  • MLB: Zach Brown
  • SS: Malcolm Jenkins
  • Doug Pederson Coach of the Year: +1600


With so many veterans on defense it seems reasonable that this group could keep opponents from exploding on them throughout the year, giving them a solid chance to win each week. Wentz should wobble his way to at least 9 or 10 wins, giving the Eagles a shot at the division title or a Wild Card birth. When they inevitably have a misstep and lose Week 8 in Buffalo it’ll have gamblers screaming to the heavens. Trap game.

Washington Redskins 2019 Gambling Cheat Sheet

After beating ARI, GB, CAR, DAL and the NYG in 2018 to get to 5-2, things got a little shaky before the entire season crashed and burned with Alex Smith’s horrific injury in Week 11 against the Texans. The team’s only success from that point on was a 3 point win at Jacksonville between two teams still in shock that their hopeful seasons had become nightmares.

Expect to see at least 2 starting quarterbacks for the Skins in 2019 and possibly one or two more. It feels like this franchise might be a little cursed due to their monicker and cocky owner so don’t be surprised if there’s another season full of trauma and sadness.

2018 Record: 7-9

  • Home: 3-5
  • Away: 4-4
  • Division: 2-4
  • Conference: 6-6

2018 Stats:

  • Points For: 281
  • Points Against: 359
  • Difference: -78
  • End of Season Streak: Lost 2

2019 Futures Odds:

  • Over / Under Season Wins: 6 (-1)
  • Win NFC East: +1800
  • Win NFC Championship: +7500
  • Win Super Bowl: +15000
  • Jay Gruden Coach of the Year: +5000
  • Montez Sweat Defensive Rookie of the Year: +1400
  • Dwayne Haskins Offensive Rookie of the Year: +700
  • Bryce Love Offensive Rookie of the Year: +2500
  • Case Keenum Most Passing Touchdowns: +20000
  • Dwayne Haskins Most Passing Touchdowns: +20000
  • Dwayne Haskins MVP: +15000

Key Players:

  • QB: Case Keenum
  • QB: Colt McCoy
  • QB: Dwayne Haskins
  • RB: Adrian Peterson
  • WR: Paul Richardson
  • TE: Jordan Reed
  • LT: Trent Williams
  • RILB: Jon Bostic
  • LCB: Josh Norman
  • LCB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  • PK: Dustin Hopkins
  • P: Tress Way


Boasting some solid veteran talent, this team should remain prideful enough to keep it close to a .500 season, especially since they’re facing MIA, BUF, NYJ, DET, CAR, and NYG x2. These guys can ultimately beat anyone on a good day so don’t go against them thinking it’s a “sure thing”.

Explanation and details:

Our simple gambling cheat sheet for NFL 2019 gives busy bettors the foundational information they need, while also bringing veterans back to basics to provide them with clarity. People always make the mistake of looking at too many factors when trying to figure out who will win a game, and sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at the high level info.

The information below is what friend of the site Octavio Von Oromocto looks at each week before making Survivor Pool picks or laying down on underdogs (he’s won 6 pools in 9 years). Feel free to dig deeper into the numbers if you want, but the statistics on this page should be more than enough to make an informed decision. If you look at the futures odds on individuals and projected number of regular season wins, a picture begins to form of who that team is as a whole.

If more than one quarterback is listed that means Octavio smells either controversies or missed games ahead. The key players listed are those who have already proven themselves, or ones expected to have a breakout year. Veterans who have slipped down the depth chard are also included because they’ve proven before that they can be “difference makers”, which is the type of intangible you can’t see in analytics.

Also, there are many excellent linemen who didn’t make the list for simplicity so always check the injury report for starting linemen out for a game because it’ll definitely be reflected in the final score. The notes for each team were provided by Octavio and there are very few predictions because he doesn’t believe in them – the season is fluid.

If you don’t think there are enough key players on the list or that there were errors in inclusions, just copy and paste them into your own list and make adjustments. Also, injured players and holdouts were also included as their return will obviously have an impact.

Although these cheat sheets were designed specifically with Survivor Pools in mind, they are obviously valuable resources to quickly call upon throughout the year if looking to wager on some upsets.

Good luck this year!

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