NFL 2019 Offshore Gambling Recap: Week 11

NFL 2019 Gambling Recap Week 11

There was tons of excitement throughout Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season as the best USA online sportsbooks for football betting got absolutely smoked by their players. Our sources indicate that this was one of the worst weekends thus far for offshore websites because many favorites covered and the public was backing the majority of the Underdogs who did the same.

First off, it looks as if the well’s gone dry since the “Fitzmagic” fizzled in Miami and the Bills easily stomped the Dolphins and covered the 6½ points the professional bookmakers had given the hosts. This is good for anyone who thinks Miami can rise up to beat any of the “middling” teams in the league as their moneyline odds will once again start to swell.

A terrible squad showed a bit of backbone on Sunday as Cincinnati covered the huge 11 point spread in Oakland, and there were times when it looked like the Bengals were actually going to get their first win of the year. The Under went way under 48, with only 27 points being scored in the 10-17 Raider victory.

Loyal readers were happy to find another of our “amazing” predictions in last week’s NFL Underdog Betting Preview, as we correctly identified the 10½ point line in the Broncos / Vikings games as particularly strange. Anyone who ended up betting at MyBookie Sportsbook to get +400 on a Denver moneyline win knows just how close it came to happening. Looking at the highlights it’s absolutely shocking that Minnesota held on to win the game 23-27, much to the delight of anyone who was foolish to take them in their Survivor Pool.

The biggest gambling story from the weekend was definitely the last second Arizona fumble and subsequent 49er touchdown that made the final score 26-36 San Fransisco, resulting in a “push” for millions of bettors. The line closed at 10 points and tons of people had pilled on the Cardinals to cover – oh well, surprises like this are all just a part of the “fun”.

There were only two other finals that could be classified as “upsets”, with the Falcons smoking the Panthers in Carolina 29-3 and shrugging off the 3½ points oddsmakers had bestowed upon them. Also, an honorable mention to the Cleveland Browns for beating the Steelers 7-21 at home on Thursday Night Football to notch their fourth win of the season. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

On to Week 12…

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