Offshore Sportsbook Coronavirus Betting Boost

USA Offshore Sportsbook Coronavirus Betting Boost

Every industry in the world is adapting to the pandemic at the moment and online gambling websites are certainly no different. With virtually no sports being played until further notice, operators are going to have to think of innovative ways to keep members engaged and remain front of mind. They say necessity is the mother of invention and a few promotions have been launched over the past few weeks perfectly illustrating that sentiment.

In fact, currently there’s an offer rewarding players simply for not withdrawing funds from accounts and waiting patiently for professional sports to return. This “incentive to do nothing” comes from trustworthy and recommended who up until now have been focusing on table games and poker enticements during COVID-19, but clearly figured out an interesting way to cater to clients appreciating staking pursuits involving actual people.

The deal is as straightforward as it gets: don’t request a withdrawal until NBA, NHL, or MLB starts up again and “” will issue a 20% match bonus on whatever the balance is, up to a maximum of $5,000. The only qualifier required is opting into the promo with a push of a button, then sitting back and waiting for a crack of a bat or drop of a puck to signal the Coronavirus has been defeated and life can return to normal.

This is merely one of many great offers to be found, so visit the promotions page today and peruse their long list of fun contests. Hopefully, they’ll be paying out this 20% balance boost sooner rather than later.

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