Offshore Sportsbook NFL 2019 Underdogs: Week 1

Offshore Sportsbooks NFL 2019 Underdogs Week 1

After what seems like forever, football returns this weekend and so do our weekly guides helping “retail readers” get bang for their buck. It’s always important to line shop to find the best numbers, especially when betting on football underdogs at offshore sportsbooks, since edges can always be found.

Every year “unpredictable” upsets happen during the first few weeks and by October fans slowly realize a team is making the move from “worst to first”. So who’s going to do it? Well, two solid candidates for free fall this season are the Steelers and Rams and things should get interesting.

Fitzmagic ScarfaceFirst up for Week 1 of the 2019 NFL Season is a home dog with Miami +7 against Baltimore, at first glance seeming fair, but it’s important to remember Ryan Fitzpatrick is now the Dolphins quarterback and he’s well-known for his September magic. The Ravens should win outright but Fitzmagic could keep the final score close with a decent performance, usually having 2 weeks of surprises in his tank. Anyone wanting a Ravens cover should book action at generous USA gambling site to be gifted a half point at 6½.

Next up are the Cowboys (-7½) who are hosting another squad projected to be horrible in 2019, the New York Giants. There’s also the Bengals tangling with the Seahawks in Seattle and getting 9½ points for the pleasure, with the line perhaps being too small as A.J. Green will be watching from the sidelines.

Finally, the first “Triple D” or “Double Digit Dog” has arrived, boasting a spread of 10 on Sunday. The inaugural honor goes to none other than the Washington Redskins on the road against a retooled Eagles team with Carson Wentz under center. Spreads of 10 or more are always dangerous in divisional games since the teams hate each other and never back down, but this one should be safe. Actually come to think of it, The Skins are technically the first “Quad D” of the year: “Double Digit Divisional Dog”. Amazing!

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