Offshore Sportsbook NFL 2019 Underdogs: Week 5

NFL 2019 Underdogs at Offshore Sportsbooks for Week 5

As we roll into the 2nd quarter of the NFL 2019 season there are still a few unanswered questions to tackle. Are the Browns really the best team in the AFC North? Does Jacksonville actually have the talent to make any kind of a playoff run? Who’s the crappier team: Arizona or Cincinnati? Well, we’ll all get a little closer to knowing the answers once the Week 5 action is in the record books.

This weekend there are more ridiculously large gambling spreads at offshore sportsbooks and the following websites are where you’ll find the best numbers for Underdog wagers. Putting money down on favorites gets boring quickly, not to mention, it hurts even more when they lose spectacularly and let you down (Rams, Week 4). NFL Sign Up Bonus BannerThe largest spread of the day is the -16½ the professionals have given the Patriots as they roll into Washington to take on a terrible Redskins team that has been a huge disappointment thus far. It’s shocking that a road team could get a number this big and it just might be worth looking at a home cover. If you agree with that sentiment, bet on the Redskins at MyBookie to enjoy an extra half point with their spread of +17 for the home team.

The next biggest line of the day has been bestowed on the Eagles who are hosting the hapless Jets, trotting out their 3rd string quarterback to start the game. There’s no value to be found though, since everyone has the line at -14, although if you want to bet the Under do so at the aforementioned MyBookie to get a half point on their total of 43½.

The Chiefs are getting a ton of respect as they welcome the Colts into town for Sunday Night Football, which should be a game they easily win. Again the bookmakers agree with Indy’s chances and everyone has them at +11, and they all even have the O/U set at 56. Other than those huge payout odds there really isn’t anything else noteworthy this week…except for the fact that San Fransisco is favored at home against Cleveland for Monday Night Football, which is something we haven’t seen in a few years.

It’s a shame the Dolphins are on a bye this week as they might have been able to ride their cover last week into…well, another cover. That team might not win a game this year but it’ll be interesting to see their final record ATS. For now, go hammer that New York Giants moneyline and parlay it with a Buffalo outright win. Or just save your money for a nice lunch at the bar today – good luck!

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