Offshore Sportsbook NFL 2019 Underdogs: Week 6

NFL 2019 Underdogs at Offshore Sportsbooks for Week 6

Well now that the professional lines makers feel like they have a bit of information to go on for the 2019 NFL season, the numbers have drastically shrunk for Week 6. The key injuries are piling up, backup quarterbacks have been given a trial by fire, and none of the top U.S. offshore sportsbooks want to get caught with their pants down, over-exposed due to a weak line.

Of course, this also has to do with the actual matchups this weekend, primarily due to the fact the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins are playing each other and the Atlanta Falcons are facing off against the Arizona Cardinals. When 4 of the league’s worst teams are all battling one other, the odds for the day obviously aren’t going to be as meaty.

BetOnline Sign Up BannerSo forgetting what happened last night in Thursday Night Football as the Giants rolled into New England getting 17 points, the biggest spread on the board for Sunday is in Baltimore as division rival Cincinnati arrives for their annual visit. Most betting sites are giving the Bengals 11 points but MyBookie of course comes over the top with their line of 11½, making them the destination for NFL Underdog bettors. This line definitely seems too big considering it’s a divisional matchup and the Ravens haven’t looked great, but maybe they’re going to open it up for this one like they did in Week 1 against the Dolphins.

The late afternoon game between the Cowboys and the Jets has the next biggest number on the board with New York getting 7 points at home against a Dallas team that desperately needs a win. Dak Prescott and “da Boys” should get it done on the road but those wanting to gamble on the underdog at will earn themselves an extra ½ point with their number of 7½.

Things are a little tighter for Sunday Night Football after the Chargers lost at home to the Broncos last weekend so Pittsburgh are now entering Los Angeles as 6½ point Dogs instead of something larger. Fill-in quarterback Mason Rudolph is listed as questionable and there are a few other important injuries plaguing both teams. If you’d like to take a chance and bet on the Steelers moneyline, do it at the aforementioned MyBookie as they have the best odds of +245, giving the biggest potential payout.

The line for every other game is 4 points or less so we’re probably in store for a few nail-bitters – here’s hoping your on the right side of the money when the dust settles. Good luck!

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