Spring Meadows Casino Promotion Gives $30,000 Weekly

Intertops USA Casino Spring Meadows Promotion Giving $240,000

A new promotion has just sprung up like beautiful garden flowers in the warm sun, promising to spread around bundles of guaranteed cash until May. In fact, $240,000 Spring Meadows is guaranteeing a whopping $30,000 every week to select individuals ready to roll up their sleeves and do some work.

The offered amounts should sound familiar to those already reading this Intertops review detailing contests and rewards, as these types of seasonal events have been their hallmark for years. Marathon undertakings remunerating exceptional performance with pocketfuls of loot, while regularly restarting totals to allow new competitors to join the action.

On Mondays, Spring Meadows issues cash bonuses to Top 300 based on position, earning 1 leaderboard point per $100 risked on real money casino games of choice, each one added to scores to elevate rankings. Also, a special Thursday draw gives 50 random members $20 to $150 regardless of final tallies.

Terms are straightforward with weekly requirements consisting of transferring $75 or more to enter competitions or $25+ to get a raffle ticket. Those finishing in 1st place win $500, sums then diminishing all the way down to $30 for 300th, leaderboards ultimately resetting at zero and recommencing.

The merry festival ends on May 3rd, 2021, culminating in a tremendous $1,000 prize for someone reaching the Top 20 at least once, ensuring a few lucky participants will start summer off right. Anyone interested should visit Intertops today and start running through their spring meadows to climb up the ladder.

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