Super Bowl LVI BetOnline Bitcoin Bash Score Predictor

Super Bowl LVI BetOnline Bitcoin Bash Score PredictorOnly three short days remain before The Big Game showcasing the upstart Cincinnati Bengals visiting SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles to take on the Rams in their home stadium. Every sportsbook in the world is extending incentives to stand out from competitors, however, one familiar brand has elevated themselves with a Super Bowl Bitcoin Bash Score Predictor that’s sure to attract countless NFL fans.

Veteran players already know BetOnline is an industry leader for gambling promotions, as lucrative contests, giveaways, and leaderboards are regularly hosted throughout the year. Now their Score Predictor is offering cryptocurrency for those correctly guessing the final score, which should actually be quite hard since both teams can score points with ease.

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A noteworthy twist is that the final prize pool isn’t presently known because it depends on how many times the contest posted by the official @betonline_ag Twitter account is retweeted. The lowest amount is .25 BTC for 0-499 shares and then .5 if hitting 500-999, with 1000-1499 triggering .75, and ultimately 1 full Bitcoin for 1500 or more.

It’s absolutely free to enter if staking $25 on Super Bowl LVI props, with standard options for Over/Unders on passing yards, receptions, field goals, and touchdowns all available. In fact, BOL listed hundreds of unique propositions regarding what announcers will say, color of liquid poured on the winning coach, and even what is said during the broadcast by announcers, in Joe Biden’s interview, and by the game’s eventual MVP.

The purse is split equally if more than one person successfully prognosticates the final score, funds arriving within 48 hours, but if nobody hits it, the House keeps the entire sum. Anyone not currently a member will benefit from this detailed explanation of how to deposit crypto at BetOnline since it can be a bit tricky when first getting started.

Everyone else should head over now and join this Score Predictor promo to take a shot at pocketing some complimentary digital currency.

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