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Wager on Elon Musk


Every sportsbook in America is fighting to get headlines these days and the folks over at BetDSI have guaranteed their five minutes of fame thanks to their new betting lines on Elon Musk and his future with Tesla. The direction of the company is now in doubt after he smoked a marijuana cigarette on the Joe Rogan podcast as they discussed global transportation, artificial intelligence, and other philosophical questions.

Before Musk had even extinguished the fat blunt, Tesla’s stock price had started to fall as traders scrambled to keep up with the plummeting price. Then only hours after the “groovy” podcast had aired, the company’s top accountant Dave Morton resigned along with the head of human resources, Gaby Toledano.

The two cowardly employees offered up little reason for their departure, with Morton only managing to bleat out, “The level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations.” Wow, Dave! “Exceeded your expectations”? What exactly were you expecting when you joined the world’s most forward-thinking company? It’s clear to many business observers that Morton is not cut out to be the Top Dog at an enterprise and is much better suited for middle management at an insurance company.

Musk also had a glass of whisky during the interview, however, this didn’t rattle the confidence of investors as much as his usage of the Devil’s Lettuce. After all, weed doesn’t come with corporate sponsors like booze does.

Bet on Elon Musk at BetDSISo now that there is tons of public attention on the situation, you can of course go to any of the most popular U.S.A. online casinos and wager on the possible outcomes, and BetDSI has stepped up with some of the best bets. First they get the big question out of the way with, “Will Elon Musk be Tesla CEO on December 31, 2018?“, with the “Yes” paying +120 and the “No” paying -150. This line means either one of two things: the bookmakers there really feel that he will step down, or they’re just trying to get their name in the press by being outrageous, (we would have thought that MyBookie held the patent on these types of tactics but perhaps we’re wrong).

The lines then start to make sense with “Will Elon Musk be fired by Tesla BOD for smoking marijuana?“, with the “Yes” paying +800 and the “No” paying -1500. These numbers are reasonable – there’s no way Tesla’s Board of Directors fire the man who’s responsible for bringing all of the investor money into the company in the first place, (and continues to do so).

New Year’s Eve then figures into a few more of their entertainment props with the question, “Will the U.S. Air Force terminate contracts with SpaceX before December 31, 2018?” with the “Yes” paying -500 and the “No” paying +350. Again it appears as if BetDSI feels that there could be a major fallout from Musk’s indulgence in the sweet reefer that Rogan presented to him.

December 31st is then the deadline for two more futures wagers there with “Will SEC determine Elon Musk violated trading regulations?” (Yes -300 / No +200) and “Will Tesla move to a privately-held company?” (Yes +600 / No -1000). You can decide for yourself which of these numbers is more attractive – most would agree that it would be major news if the SEC made a move on Musk as the public would more than likely be quite outraged.

To find out everything else that’s going on there, read our honest review of the BetDSI Sportsbook & Casino and see if they’re the right place for you. They accept players from across the United States and are one of the best in the business according to our exclusive rankings system.

For anyone who didn’t see the “far out” interview, here it is in it’s entirety, complete with Musk hitting the dutchie and getting down like a young Bob Marley…

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