Bet on Antonio Brown’s New NFL Team

Bet on Antonio Brown's Next NFL Team

Ever since Antonio Brown missed a walk-through for a must-win game against division rival Cincinnati in Week 17, the internet has been wild with speculation about where he’ll play next. It goes without saying that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated in a respected organization like Pittsburgh so trade rumors are flying, especially in light of information out now about him being a bad teammate and disrespecting Dick Lebeau, a trusted league icon. It’s clearly time for him to move on from the Steelers.

This situation has caught the attention of gambling industry hothead David Strauss and his electric book who are now accepting wagers on where Antonio Brown will play next. Many GMs are scrambling to get him on their roster because he’s an amazing talent, but when you start to become known as “locker room poison” your list of options starts to quickly shrink.

These types of NFL specials are nothing new for American online sportsbook MyBookie and their seemingly nonstop list of crazy props covering everything from Who will be the next pope? to Who’s going to be Justin Bieber’s best man at his wedding? (yes, both of these are currently posted). In any event, lines are listed on Brown’s next team and they’re ready to take action on where he’s going to land.

MyBookie NFL 2018 Sign Up BonusThere are 11 options available with “Field” (+350) paying out the lowest, which makes sense considering it covers 21 other franchises. However, these odds really aren’t representative of the risk as there’s a strong chance Brown is going to one of the specific cities listed.

The current favorite to sign Antonio is Atlanta +400, even though Julio Jones told media this week that, We good over here, when asked if his team should sign him. Consequently, it’s hard to believe Brown would join the Falcons after being made to feel unwelcome by such a high-profile player.

The #2 spot is a tie between the Jets (+500) and Lions (+500), with both squads desperately needing a deep threat for their big-armed quarterbacks. Given the choice, you’d assume Brown would opt for NYC since his endorsement potential would go through the roof in this massive media market.

Possible NFL squads to land Antonio then get interesting with Oakland (+600), Indianapolis (+600), and San Francisco (+700) all being reasonable destinations, as well as paying handsomely if they hit. That last one might be decent value since Jerry Rice has come out and said he thinks the 49ers should do whatever it takes to land Brown.

To see all current odds, including longest shot, Green Bay (+1200), go visit now to examine their full offering. As they extend some of the best casino loyalty programs for U.S. players in addition to accepting every type of sports bet imaginable, there’s simply never a dull moment at that place.

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