BetOnline Hosts $5,400 Super Bowl Predictor

BetOnline $5,400 Super Bowl LIV Score Predictor

Everyone thinks they’re geniuses when it comes to picking football results and now those skills can be put to the test for Super Bowl LIV in a fun promotion ending off the 2019/20 NFL Season. It’s happening over at BetOnline USA Sportsbook who have been steadily announcing contests since playoffs started a few weeks ago. This is nothing new as they’re known for running player-friendly pools during major North American sporting events.

The $5,400 Super Bowl Predictor prize amount obviously reflects the 54th installment of The Big Game. It’s a list of 20 proposition questions with some having odds attached and members must choose whether final numbers will be over or under, while others are outcomes with multiple options.

BetOnline Sign Up BannerFor example, Length of National Anthem has been set at 1 minute, 59 seconds, while Patrick Mahomes touchdown passes is at 3½, signalling oddsmakers expect him to have a great game. Other interesting queries are Color of liquid poured on winning head coach offering choices of blue, green, pink, purple and more, as well as First turnover of the game. Remember to answer all 20 or the form is invalid, clicking Submit to save picks in the database.

The only requirement is to wager on Super Bowl LIV with $25 or more before 6:10pm ET on February 2nd, 2020, and then select answers for each question in hopes of tabulating enough points to finish in the Top 31. Cash will be flowing on Sunday night as 1st place receives $1,000, 2nd gets $750, and 3rd snags $500. Amounts then slowly shrink down to $50 for places 26th to 31st, which might be a little small, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

If any ties occur, prize amounts for that level and the one below are split evenly between qualifiers. However, if victorious, don’t be in a rush to go out on the town to blow the wad because winnings won’t be paid out until Monday, March 2nd, 2020, for some strange, unknown reason. Apparently, it’s best to think of it as an “offshore bank account”.

Anyone wanting a crack at the free $5,400 should go signup at BetOnline to get a head start on tackling the pro football quiz.

In the meantime, this high quality video from CBS Sports HQ covers some of the more intriguing Super Bowl props available this year to get tastebuds watering.


Now here’s the full list of questions for the $5,400 Score Predictor Contest with answers being required for each one.

BetOnline Super Bowl LIV Score Predictor Questions

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