How to Deposit Checks from Bovada

How to Cash a Check from Bovada

Updated: January 26th, 2021

Over the years, we’ve gotten many emails on this topic so we decided to publish a guide people can use to answer this question. It’s actually a pretty common query and one we originally had ourselves years ago: How do I cash checks from Bovada?

First of all, consulting local laws is strongly recommended, however, there is absolutely no reason why banks should be hesitant to facilitate the activity because U.S. gambling sites are 100% legal in the eyes of the World Trade Organization (WTO), officially upheld twice in international courts. Not to mention that America was founded on principles of personal freedom and liberty, so it’s really nobody’s business what citizens spend their money on.

The entire industry is now becoming fully regulated in the United States, although some establishments are still nervous about cashing checks from betting websites. Therefore, the main thing to remember is never admit funds were won at an online casino since they might instantly refuse to assist, as they are under no obligation whatsoever to serve anyone.

Bovada Sign Up BannerEven worse, they could confiscate the check which would result in having to contact Bovada customer representatives to request they cancel it and send a new one, obviously incurring more fees and an even longer wait. Time frames for payouts can fluctuate wildly and it’s not uncommon to sometimes wait as long as 25 business days for it to arrive by mail. If wanting to stay updated, come back and glance at their review page as the situation is constantly monitored whenever current Bovada deposit methods are overhauled and circumstances change.

Secondly, make sure to have a reasonable story ready if the person behind the counter asks who the check is from. It’s not their genuine intention to block cashing it, they simply must go through the process, so just tell them something that will make them happy. For example, an item was sold online and this is how payment was acquired for it, only under a business name due to the buyer acting on behalf of a company.

Payouts from Bovada to players will never display their moniker or anything associated with iGaming so it’s easy to make up a plausible anecdote. However, it’s advised to do searches for businesses names first to see if a result should influence concocted scenarios, since issuers could range from Rick’s Bridal Accessories to Downtown Philly Pizza. Always ensure explanations relate to the organization’s industry.

If bank tellers push back at all, don’t get defensive, calmly state the story again and firmly assert that the check should be promptly honored. Don’t be scared to ask for branch managers if they’re digging in their heels, or simply leave and try your luck at another financial institution.

Also, remember if not attempting to immediately procure funds, just submit the check at an ATM and wait for it to clear, which in some cases could take up to 30 business days. To confirm, from start to finish, this means it’s totally feasible to wait months to spend profits.

Of course, anyone seeking to avoid all of these complications and regularly collect money quickly should deposit at online casinos with Bitcoin because transactions are instantaneous and private. Receiving winnings via Check by Mail is “so 2009” and it’s time to start utilizing the best option out there today, completely cutting out middle men. Upon implementing cryptocurrency transfers, it never takes longer than 48 hours to obtain withdrawals.

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