How to Deposit with Bitcoin at Bovada

How to Deposit with Bitcoin at Bovada

One of the best banking options in existence today is undoubtedly the super cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, seeming almost tailor-made for offshore gambling activities. Not only is it fast with low fees, it’s 100% guaranteed to be successful, unlike credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. This is why every reputable U.S. betting website now offers it in their cashiers, usually even extending a larger bonus to clients who use it to add money onto balances.

Before getting started, make sure to sign up at Bovada and open a free account so you can follow along as we go. Remember that this destination is only for those living in the United States and anyone not located there will automatically be redirected to an appropriate Bodog brand who will accept them. Once completed, come back to this page or leave it up in another tab for quick consultation on the funding process.

To make a Bitcoin deposit at Bovada the steps are straightforward as long as these instructions are strictly adhered to. First choose which coin to use, as the options here are to either make a casino deposit with Bitcoin Cash or the original version. Both have similar strengths, however, fees for BCH are slightly lower than its parent coin. This is evened out by the fact transactions take slightly longer to complete than BTC.

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Once a coin is chosen and the personal crypto wallet is funded, a transfer can be initiated to anywhere in the world. Click or tap on the profile button in the upper right hand corner of any page and after the new screen loads, hit the big, red rectangular “Deposit” button, then select “Cryptocurrency” as a method. When the cashier opens pick either BTC or BCH, as they currently don’t accept Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, or others.

A new page will then generate a unique Bitcoin address as a QR code similar to the image below. It’s only necessary to enter the actual amount to be sent in the wallet as the address will simply receive whatever sum has been chosen. Pay close attention because the next step is going to depend on whether you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, or traditional computer.

If on mobile, scan the QR code with your wallet app open by clicking the “Launch Bitcoin Wallet” button below the image. Note that not all brands of phone work exactly the same so if unsure how to do this, go into the phone’s settings and search for “QR”. The code is good for about 15 minutes so there’s a short period of time in which to bring up another window. If any issues arise consult the help section immediately to troubleshoot the problem.

However, if executing the transaction on a desktop computer or laptop just open the wallet in a new tab using the same launch button as above. This is the only step that differs for users and the remaining instructions are identical for any device or browser.

Anyone wanting to boost bankrolls before completing the undertaking should click on “Choose Your Bonus” to see what’s being offered on that particular day. Once an incentive has been selected or declined tap the big, red “Deposit” button at the bottom of the page to display the new balance, which will be immediately available for play in their sportsbook, casino, racebook, or poker room. It’s important to note that when the deposit is complete it’s automatically converted into US dollars in the Bovada account, so BTC price fluctuations aren’t a concern.

The strengths of this method are guaranteed success, its free to send, and also completely anonymous so no one other than the sender and receiver know it’s occurred. In addition, withdrawals can be swiftly sent back to a wallet without waiting around, unlike players who originally used credit cards or e-Check to send funds, who could be waiting more than a month to receive a check in the mailbox.

For anyone wanting visual aides of this entire process, the following is a brief video explaining each of the above steps on how to deposit with Bitcoin at Bovada on a phone. If on a computer, don’t forget the one difference noted above.

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