Join the MyBookie 2019 NFL Survivor Pool for Real Money

MyBookie 2019 NFL Survivor Pool

Reader feedback on the Survivor Pool at has been excellent and it looks like the masses are hungry for more. That one has a guaranteed prize amount of $100,000 and this one isn’t as big, but it’s cheaper to join if only wanting a couple of entries so it will definitely be of interest to some.

It’s going down over at A-Rated MyBookie offshore gambling site accepting members from anywhere in the United States, so the competition is sure to be fierce. The fee is only $10 with up to 30 entries able to be bought, for anyone planning to go against Ryan Fitzpatrick (or equivalent) on Week 1. There will be a full leaderboard with everyone’s pick displayed before kickoff to ensure transparency (and generate laughs at anyone stupid enough to take the Bengals this year).

MyBookie Sign Up BannerThere’s a guaranteed real money prize of $50,000 awarded to one lucky player or divided up between numerous people if others are still alive at the end of Week 17. If the last entries all lose together prior to that, the $50k is chopped up and served evenly.

Rules are standard, however, there’s one major difference from the one at a cancelled game will be graded as a loss and be eliminated (with a refund on your entry). This is more in line with what people will be expecting since that’s how it works in 99% of Survivor Pools across the nation. Other than that, just choose a team to win straight up and if they do, you advance, and if they don’t you’re out. Obviously, you can only select a specific team once throughout the season so plan out picks accordingly.

Anyone wanting to get in on the action should register at MyBookie now to open a profile so it’s ready to roll for kickoff. Just watch out if picking against “Fitzmagic” – that guy is a stone cold pool killer.

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