NFL 2018 Week 10 Gambling Recap

Tyreek Hill Grabs TV Camera in Celebration


Those of us who love betting underdogs finally had some good luck this past weekend with a bunch of favorites getting beat down and fattening our wallets in the process. Sure Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season wasn’t the “craziest” week we’ve ever seen, but there were enough surprises to make it darn exciting, all the way through till the end of Sunday night.

First and foremost let’s give it up for the godawful Buffalo Bills for not only covering the 6½ points they were given by sportsbooks going into New York, but also smashing the Jets by 31 points. They beat their division rival 41-10 and knocked out many of the people who were still left in their NFL survivor pools – I guess that’s what you get for betting on Josh McCown.

Both Green Bay and Kansas City easily took care of business at home, however, the Chiefs couldn’t cover their massive spread of 16½ and “only” won by 12. (Please don’t remind us that we predicted this to be a Trap Game for K.C. last week.) The Rams were the other big home favorite getting 10 points against division rival Seattle, but they squeaked out a win of 36-31 and almost lost the game outright in the last drive of the game. It’s very hard to tell if this loss has ended the Seahawks’ season so stay tuned.

The biggest surprise of the day had to be the final score of the Patriots/Titans game which saw the 6½ point home Dogs jump up and bite Tom Brady in the behind, smashing them by a final score of 34-10. Tennessee’s defense looked absolutely fantastic and Marcus Mariota threw the ball like he wants to be considered as one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. The jury is still out on whether this game says more about the Pats or the Titans.

Lastly, we have to give the Dallas Cowboys a thimble full of love for going on the road and beating their hated rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas were 7 point underdogs going into the matchup but had a little pep in their step, with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott both having big games on the road to keep their season alive. (And possibly ending Philly’s.)

Well that’s it for now – bring on the Dogs for Week 11 and let’s try to do it all over again.

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