NFL 2018 Week 11 Gambling Recap

Detroit Tubgaters Laughing


Well that was quite the interesting weekend of football. There were tons of upsets throughout the day, and if anyone’s interested, when the smoke had cleared, one lucky stranger in my NFL Survivor Pool won a cool $65,000. There were five people left going into the weekend and thanks to the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, and two other teams named below, the lucky fool  just scraped by thanks to Big Ben and the Steelers and walked off with the entire pot to himself. This is even crazier when you consider the fact that he did this in Week 11, when most pools usually go to at least the final week of the season.

So there we have the first two victorious Underdogs identified with Dallas (+3½) and Detroit (+4), both winning outright on Sunday and the Lions proving once again that a “Home Dog” is always worth a second look. Mind you, it took Panthers’ coach, Riverboat Ron, deciding to go for the 2 point conversion rather than kicking the extra point in the final seconds to make it a reality. Cam Newton then missed a wide-open receiver in the end zone to cement the loss. Ouch.

Two of the three late afternoon games yielded more shocking results, (and ultimately help the aforementioned stranger win $65k in mid-November just by gambling on football…and without the aid of free bonus money to pad his bankroll), with Oakland covering 5½ points thanks to a last-second field goal to win outright by 2. The other Dog to bite? That would be the second-longest shot of the day: the Denver Broncos, who went on the road and beat the Chargers by 1, easily covering the 7 points Vegas had given them going into the divisional matchup.

If the Eagles would have covered against the Saints in the night game, that would have meant that the six biggest Dogs of the day had covered. Oh well, maybe next time – let’s see what Week 12 has in store…

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