Bet on the 2018 Golden State Warriors

Bet on the 2018 Golden State Warriors


Sadly, there’s absolutely zero surprise as to who every bookie in the world is picking to win the 2019 NBA Championship, and that of course is the Golden State Warriors – the loveable underdogs who went from “adored” to “hated” after a bit of success, as well as landing the league’s biggest free agent in Kevin Durant a few years ago. Most people throughout the league thought that the team was stacking itself with talent in a similar “unfair” fashion to the Miami Heat in 2010, and that turned them into villains overnight.

Now after Golden State have won 3 of the last 4 NBA Championships and made it to The Finals four straight years, many fans are praying for an upset in 2019 but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Of course, all of the current NBA odds reflect this reality and fans of The Dubs will be hard-pressed to find any value bets on their team this year.

That said, anything can happen in professional sports and it can pay to have your money spread around on a few different outcomes. Not to mention, there are big welcome bonuses at online casinos up for grabs to those players who open up a new account with any of the operators listed in the section below, so there’s definitely still some money to be made this season.

Where to Bet on the Golden State Warriors

Sure every sportsbook on the internet is going to have the Warriors as huge favorites, but that doesn’t mean that you should just put your money down anywhere without doing research first – that’s why we wrote this NBA betting guide in the first place. Books usually have slightly different numbers from one another and in certain situations you can find huge disparities on the lines which lead to getting “value bets” and great odds on specific wagers.

So first let’s have a look at the worst line on the Warriors to win in 2019 which is currently at the BetDSI Casino who have them at -235. This will not come as any surprise to those who read our 2018/2019 gambling guide for the Los Angeles Lakers or any of the other ones we published since they constantly post odds that are only favorable to them. Another wonky number at BetDSI is their over/under for season wins by Golden State at 63.5, which might be a little high considering that winning usually breeds laziness in professional sports and the players aren’t as hungry. Also, pretty much every other book has set the number at 62.

Bet 2018 NBA at BovadaBetDSI are followed closely by another book that’s always scared to post meaty lines, Intertops, who also have some of the most awkward gambling numbers on the internet. They currently have The Dubs at -189 to be the champs in June and -303 to win their conference. There’s many things to like about the Intertops Casino but their sports lines sadly isn’t one of them.

Things get a little better at the MyBookie Sportsbook, who of course have G. State listed as their clear favorites, putting them at -180 to win the 2019 NBA Championship. The next-closest team to win is the Boston Celtics at +700, who seem to be everybody’s pick to come out of the Eastern Conference (and then lose) this year.

MB are then bested by the timid line makers over at Bovada who have put on their “Big Boy Pants” and posted the Warriors at -165 to win it all, which is quite the adventurous line for them. They usually hate putting up any action that could see them get burned, but their numbers for the NBA have gotten drastically better for players this year. That said, they put G. State at -250 to win the Western Conference, which definitely shows signs of them reverting back to their cowardly bookmaking ways.

This leaves the best bet for Golden State to repeat as NBA Champions in 2019 to be found at the BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino, who currently have them at a respectable -155, ensuring a bit more value to the players who want to get down on them. However, they also have the Warriors at -250 to win the West, mirroring Bovada’s spineless position on the futures wager, so we really hope that they decide to distance themselves from the faint-hearted bookies sooner rather than later with a better number.

Bet on Kevin Durant to Win the 2018-19 MVP Award

Thankfully, there are still a few wagers for the Warriors that will actually pay out a decent amount if they hit, and one of the best ones involves the 2018-19 MVP Award. At BetDSI they currently have Kevin Durant at +950, Stephen Curry at +1500, Draymond Green at +18000, and Klay Thompson at +25000 to win it. Clearly Durant is the obvious favorite out of everyone on the team, but it’s hard to resist dropping a few bucks on a long shot like Thompson to be awarded the trophy. Stranger things have happened in the world of sports.

Some of their other futures wagers leads us to wonder if there are a bunch of L.A. Laker fans running the BetDSI book since they seem to be trying to influence some trade talks: they currently have Klay Thompson at +510 to sign with the Lakers next year and Kevin Durant at +635. Sure they’re strongly favoring the “No” side, but just suggesting the possibilities will be enough to irk many of the already-sensitive fans in the Bay Area. We assume that they’re just trying to get more mentions in the press with these crazy odds…you know, like what we just did here now.

So since we’re on the topic, go check out the current NBA lines at the BetDSI Sportsbook today to see how many of their other prop wagers were posted solely to be antagonistic. Spoiler alert: there’s way more than two.


***All odds correct as of October 29, 2018.***

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