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Everyone has their favorite things to bet on at online casinos whether it’s roulette, poker, sports, or horses, however, some of the craziest wagers you can find are usually in the Entertainment Props section of a gambling website. Why so “crazy”? Well probably because the executives in Hollywood are crazy and we never know what they’re going to come up with next. (Or recycle.)

So now we’re seeing more and more sportsbooks offering strange wagers to get free press in the media, and today we’re going to go ahead and oblige Head Bookmaker Davis Strauss and his merry band of lines makers at MyBookie. After all, they’ve done a great job so far this year with their political props and they always have some pretty unique things to bet on.

First off, for those who’ve never heard of them, you’ll want to read our expert review of the MyBookie Casino to learn everything you should know about them before visiting. We tease them a lot on this website but they’re actually one of our top recommended U.S. sportsbooks for 2018 due to their amazing products and quick payouts – even though their PR spokesman Mr. Strauss can sometimes post very distasteful prop wagers from time to time.

That all aside, they currently have odds posted on who will star in the next Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern films from DC Comics, and some of the betting choices are quite ridiculous indeed. As we go through the options you’ll have to remember: MyBookie does not have an insider track into Hollywood or a film industry expert under their employ. It’s basically just Strauss and his crew drinking beer and coming up with whatever silliness they think that serious gambling news outlets like this one will report.

Well, you got us guys – we just couldn’t resist posting about these absurd entertainment props. You’re welcome! So click on your favorite superhero to see what might be in store for them, or just read all three and enjoy the laughs:

Make sure to check back here regularly to read all about the next batches of crazy prop wagers that come online and where you can find them. The best resource is our U.S. Online Casino News section which reports on all of the latest and greatest bets, along with how to get the best deposit bonuses and promotional offers.

If it’s important to players in the USA, it will be published in the pages of this website. Even if it’s just a PR stunt from David Strauss…

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