Best NFL Survivor Pool Websites for 2021

Best NFL Survivor Pool Websites for 2021

Now that every trustworthy USA sportsbook has released their 2021 fall promotions, the best NFL survivor pool websites are crystal clear. After considering quality, reputation, and contest specifics, only four destinations made the cut this year, offering a total of three unique options.

Each brand presented accepts players from every American state and is offering inflated bonuses for football season, and all entry deadlines are before kickoff of Baltimore at Las Vegas on Monday Night Football as it’s the final Week 1 matchup eligible for picking. Those wishing to get straight to a pool’s details can click one from the list below to get the particulars, or select a logo to read their full unbiased review.

Coming in hot to snag first place is little-known, a fantastic operation who’s quietly built a solid name for themselves in the short time since opening. Their Winner-Take-All $200,000 Survivor Contest is $30 an entry, up to a maximum of 25, with $5 discounts for every five purchased. As they were first to announce their event and are relatively new, there could be an awful lot of “dead money” pouring into this one, so shrewd prognosticators should feast on those fish. Play Now USA

Second position goes to industry veteran BetOnline, one of the most reliable and active sites around. Although, points are deducted because their’s was launched after but is still somehow offering an identical sum of $200k, with matching price reductions if buying in bulk. It could be argued that BOL should have increased their purse size to punctuate a noticeable distinction between the two of them, so hopefully this happens for 2022.

Third spot is bestowed upon MyBookie, as their consistent issues with creating remarkable promos has yet again cemented them as a bridesmaid. Sure the $100,000 Survivor Contest merely costs $10, but fees aren’t reduced for extra submissions and the total number allowable is 10. This means most people will probably only opt for it if still craving more action after entering the two high energy events above.

Finally, usually-exciting Xbet limps to the finish line in last place after deciding to run with a $10 pool offering a shockingly low grand prize of $10,000. However, it still deserves mention due to this company’s impeccable history, solid products, and friendly customer service representatives. Also, with so little at stake, the probability of encountering good competitors is very low, so it might lead to an easy victory.

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